FOOTLOOSE. Musical. 3rd High School of Pyrgos Ilias. School Year Realised by 20 students from all 3 classes of junior high school and. coordinated by. Musical Overview: When teaching, rehearsing and performing the songs in FOOTLOOSE keep two things in mind: 1. Our score draws. To the rockin’ rhythm of its Oscar and Tony-nominated top 40 score (the Premiere Production: In , Footloose the musical opened at the Richard Rodgers.

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Something I didnt do? He is all over her, as she pushes him away, laughing. Gasps at a sudden realization. Footloose – PV Score Documents. Youre that new guy from Chicago, aintcha? In The Girl Gets Around, the playful banter of the lyric Well, shed like you to think she musixal born yesterday.

Im in enough trouble tonight. I have to copy it next. Wow, thats, like, the longest sentence youve ever made!

What do you mean, Someday? VI Wes, that place is a greasy dump. Dont tell me Haydn. REN ,ibretto, I havent been fired and its already my second day. Im bustin a rhyme!

It doesnt confuse the mind. The jokes on the new kid.

Now do that last part one more time. REN mimes being impaled in the chest by an arrow. You dont have a clue! On top of Shaw’s displeasure at his daughter’s disobedience, a nervous Ren unintentionally insults him in an attempt to ease his worries, making the situation more awkward and causing all of Shaw’s friends who were over playing a game of bridge to dash off.


SHAW I dont want you to see him again. The heartfelt story that emerges is of a father longing for the son he lost and of a young man aching for the father who walked out on him. REN Boy, I can sure empty a room.

REN Ill take on anybody! Willard just hasnt had anyone come along to puncture that macho belligerence until Ren arrives. Just as Ren’s confidence has built up, Ariel shows up with a black eye and tells Ren that Chuck beat her up. The Musical — Novello Theatre Review “. ARIEL takes the sweater.

SHAW peers out a window. Footloose – Loggins From Footloose Soundtrack There is a time to mourn and there is a time to dance. Just say hello to everybody. And then, last night, someone much younger than I made me realize how tightly I had been holding onto that memory. The production then embarked its third national tour, which opened in Salford in Januaryand continued until Julystarring Lyn Paul.

Origin Theatrical | Footloose

REN Im not sure. Only Ariel and Vi and eventually Ren get a glimpse libregto this private anguish and the flashes of frustration and temper that arise from that.


At the end, Moore, his wife, and all the townsfolk attend the huge dance “Footloose Finale “. Cuz Im so libertto of looking libretto. He veers between rationalizing arguments I dont enjoy being her jailer! Mimes pulling out the arrow.

IYouth Arts Centre Scene 4: When I turn on television, all I hear is the music of easy sexuality and relaxed morals. VI Oh, he most certainly was!

Learning To Be Silent is a song of survival.

Footloose Script Word

REN Wherere you gonna go? As a matter of fact, you can all give me fifty. Vi, Ethel and Ariel Scene 6: Right now, just dont say anything! So I ask you this morning what song are you singing? REN You climb all the way up here and write poems? Rusty and her friends, Wendy Librettk and Urleen, then explain to a bemused Ren that dancing is illegal after Moore passed a law forbidding dancing after a horrifying car accident involving four kids returning from a dance — one of whom was his son, though muslcal is unknown to Ren or to the audience at the time.

The Girl Gets Around But its not going to get to me. Who is it, Vi?