*FM Headquarters. Department of the Anny. Washington. DC. 28 September INTELLIGENCE INTERROGATION. Table of Contents. Page. dures and techniques applicable to Army intelligence interrogations, applies to the psychological operations (PSYOP) contained in FM FM Intelligence Interrogation. Chapter 3. Interrogation Process. The interrogation process involves the screening and selection of sources for.

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The interrogator formulates a strategy to conduct his analysis.

It is from the source’s mood and actions that the interrogator determines how to best proceed with the interrogation. Establish a destination common point of reference DCPR. There are two methods: At interrogtaion time should the interrogator rebuke his interpreter sternly or loudly while they are with the source. This evaluation may also be used in developing training programs for interpreters. Are illegal border crossers.

The interrogator must leave the source ready to continue answering questions in the future if necessary. There are four primary factors that must be taken into consideration in selecting tentative approaches: This means that he should exploit it fully and record all pertinent information. ihterrogation

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The best layout is to have the interrogator and the source facing each other with the interpreter behind the source. Describe the security measures deployed at each identified disposition.

He has certain intellignce at the beginning of an interrogation, such as the psychological shock the source receives when becoming a prisoner of war, which enable him to grasp the initiative and assist him in maintaining it. The stronger the motivation, the more successful the interrogator. Uses a proper, logical sequence of top ics or questions. In many cases, he has to conduct interrogations under a variety of unfavorable physical conditions.


Each contact between these two differs to some degree because itnelligence their individual characteristics and capabilities, and because the circumstances of each contact and the physical environment vary.

The goal is to get the source to talk. The display of impatience may cause the source to lose respect for the interrogator, thereby, reducing his effectiveness.

FM 34-52 Intelligence Interrogation

Question Guards Screeners should question guards about the source. Consequently, from both legal and moral viewpoints, the restrictions established by international law, agreements, and iintelligence render threats of force, violence, and deprivation useless as interrogation techniques.

If size, activity, location, unit, time and equipment SALUTE reportable information is obtained during the screening, it must be exploited fully and reported as soon as possible. They may also be interrigation to break the source’s intelligenc, particularly, if the interrogator intelliegnce that the source is lying.

As a result, the response may be inaccurate or incomplete. The interrogator should appear to be the one who controls all aspects of the interrogation to include the lighting, heating, and configuration of the interrogation room, as well as the food, shelter, and clothing given to the source.

An interrogation with an interpreter will go through all five phases of the interrogation process. Enter Your Email Address. The following illustration depicts the order in which sources will be interrogated.

Weapons and equipment strength. The EPW captive tag will provide the screener information regarding the source’s circumstances of capture when, where, how, by whom, and so forth.

If the interrogator obtains a disposition which intellivence not located on the established route, he must establish the route the source would have taken to that disposition.


With the exception of the direct approach, no other approach is effective by interrogaton. To resume the interrogation, a different interrogator should conduct the interrogation. During termination, the interrogator must make proper disposition of any documents captured with the source. However, the use of force is not to be confused with psychological ploys, verbal trickery, or other nonviolent and noncoercive ruses used by the interrogator in questioning hesitant or uncooperative sources.

Others may have to inetrrogation constantly maintained or reinforced throughout the interrogation.


Notes should be taken in such a way that the maximum amount of eye? They are composition, disposition, strength, training, combat effectiveness, tactics, logistics, electronic technical data, and miscellaneous data. Security Interrogators must know how to identify, mark, handle, and control sensitive material according to AR How the source has been handled since his capture.

They also provide him with the means to record cold leads for later exploitation. In some cases, he may be afraid to answer for fear of reprisals inelligence the enemy.

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The use of a sound recorder allows the interrogator to continually observe the source. The letter “C” represents a source who does not appear to have pertinent information. Whatever the motivation, it is the most significant factor used by an interrogator to achieve success.

Electronic SALUTE reports are formatted and submitted according to the procedures established during the senior interrogator’s initial coordination.

Usually a neat, organized, and professional appearance will favorably influence the source.