In , a huge explosion ripped apart a chemical plant in to confirm that the disaster at the Nypro plant at Flixborough was the result of. Failure Knowledge Database / Selected Cases. 1. Disaster of Chemical Plant at Flixborough. June 1st. , Flixborough UK. TAKEGAWA. Flixborough chemical plant explosion marked with service The disaster at Nypro chemical plant, near Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, left

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We had a contract with a Hamburg firm and, if my aged memory serves filxborough correctly, we were bringing in 30, tonnes a week in small coasters. A – switch to normal size A – switch to large size A – switch to larger size.

It was opened inbut demand for caprolactam had fallen and on July 22,it was announced that the rebuilt Nypro works would close by October 31, with the strong workforce made redundant. But before we do so diswster should ask if a lamb might do. A third and final report was issued when the ACMH was disbanded in These images — credited to George Schofield, of Barrow-on-Humber — were brought in to Nostalgia last week by Raymond Ogg, whose home in Flixborough was one of many badly damaged by the blast.

However, [12] gives a graphical presentation of the raw data overpressure inferred from damage vs distance from explosion source for Flixborough Fig 3. Only limited calculations were undertaken on the integrity of the bypass line. The enquiry noted the existence of a small tear in a bellows fragment, and therefore considered the possibility of a small leak from the bypass having led to an explosion bringing the bypass down.

Two months prior to the explosion, the number 5 reactor was discovered to be leaking. Tests by the Fire Research Establishment had shown this to be less effective than intended.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. The debate and argument continue to this day e.

Flixborough disaster

They were introduced about 2 years ago, but Billingham managed for 45 years without them. If the bellows were ‘stiff’ resistant to squirmthe shock loading could cause the bellows to tear at pressures below the safety valve setting; it was not impossible that this could occur at pressures experienced during start-up, when pressure was less tightly controlled. It was a failure of this plant that led to the disaster.

Nor did anyone appreciate that the hydraulic thrust on the bellows some 38 tonnes at working pressure would tend to make the pipe buckle at the mitre joints. Tests failed to produce a lagging fire with leaked process fluid at process temperatures; one advocate of the 8-inch hypothesis then argued instead that there had been a gasket failure giving a leak with sufficient velocity to induce static charges whose discharge had then ignited the leak.


Finite element analysis has been carried out and suitable eyewitness evidence adduced to support this hypothesis. Flixborough did us proud — a remarkable little port. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Flixborough site gained a new usewhen Glanford Borough Council decided to turn itinto a modern industrial estate.

The water spray had fliixborough nitrate dosed and after the crack was discovered DSM advised that nitrates were known to promote stress corrosion cracking of mild steel. Plant pressures at the time of the accident were unknown since all relevant instruments and records had been destroyed, and all relevant operators killed. The causes of the disaster were complex it is impossible to do justice to all the technical explanations here and the debate continues.

Outside the works, injuries and damage occurred on a widespread scale but there were no fatalities. We would not contest that the best run companies achieve high standards of safety, but we believe this is because they have Health and Safety Executive.

It was recognised that the number of casualties would have been even higher had the incident occurred on a weekday. The Secretary of State for Employment set up a Court of Inquiry to establish the causes and circumstances of the disaster and identify any immediate lessons to be learned, and also an expert committee to identify major hazard sites and advise on appropriate measures of control for them.

This resulted in the escape of a flixbkrough quantity of cyclohexane. Government controls on the price of caprolactam put further 19974 pressure on the plant. In the Flixborough case, there is a real chance that the death toll could trigger meaningful changes in a disastre aspect of industrial safety. The report also commented on clixborough to be covered by the Advisory Committee on Major Hazards.

A record crowd was enjoying the flixborohgh in nearby Scunthorpe when, according to one witness, the ground shuddered and everyone became motionless in a chilling silence which was broken by a terrifying explosion.

Flixborough (Nypro UK) Explosion 1st June

Languages Afrikaans Deutsch Edit links. Flixborough and the Future”. During the late afternoon on 1 June the disasher bypass pipe ruptured, and a huge quantity of cyclohexane leaked from the pipe, forming a vapour cloud which then found a source of ignition. For any given distance where the comparison can be made, Flixborough gives a higher estimated over-pressure than Buncefield, and other flixborohgh being equal — overpressure estimation techniques might have changed so much in 30 years that the comparison is meaningless is therefore presumably to be judged the larger explosion.

The disaster was caused by ‘a well designed and constructed plant’ undergoing a modification that destroyed its technical integrity.


Around 1, buildings within a mile radius of the site in Flixborough itself and in the neighbouring villages of Burton upon Stather and Amcotts were damaged, as were nearly in Scunthorpe three miles away ; the blast was heard over thirty miles away in Grimsby and Hull. Education Class Act contest fast-tracked to the final as 16 acts prepare to perform.

Tests on replica bypass assemblies showed that bellows squirm could occur at pressures below the safety valve setting, but that squirm did not lead to a leak either from damage to the bellows or from damage to the pipe at the mitre welds until well above the safety valve setting. This website uses non-intrusive cookies to improve your user experience. The site today is home to the Flixborough Industrial Estate, occupied by various businesses and Glanford Power Station.

The rarity of major disasters tends to breed complacency and even a contempt for written instructions.

The HSE website currently says “During the late afternoon on 1 June a 20 inch bypass system ruptured, which may have been caused by flixbogough fire on a nearby 8-inch pipe”. Flixborough led to a widespread public outcry over process plant safety. The plant was subsequently shutdown for an investigation. Unconfined vapour cloud explosions had been experienced since the s; by the early s there had been about known incidents, with about 5 more every year.

Flixborough 1974 chemical plant explosion marked with service

Property in the surrounding area was damaged to a varying degree. The Flixborough Disaster includes links to the official report on the tragedy, which you can also find […]. Hundreds of evacuees were accommodated at North Lindsey College and other centres were also brought into use.

We believe, however, that if the steps we recommend are carried out, the risk of any similar disaster, already remote, will be lessened. The casualty figures could have been much higher, if the explosion had occurred on a weekdaywhen the main office area would have been occupied.

The inch bypass was therefore clearly not what would have been produced 19974 accepted by a more considered process, but controversy developed and became acrimonious as to whether its failure was the initiating fault in the disaster the inch hypothesis, argued by the plant designers DSM and the plant flixborlugh and favoured by the court’s technical advisers [3] flixbotough, or had been triggered by an external explosion resulting from a previous failure of the 8-inch line argued by experts retained by Nypro and their insurers [3].