Then, Israeli Air Force jets launch retaliatory air strikes in Syria. An FI is hit and crashes in northern Israel. Two pilots eject, one is seriously. The IAF FI Sufa is the Israeli Air Force version of a Block 52+ F Fighting Falcon multi-role jet warplane. Combat Aircraft F Fighting Falcon FI Soufa. Also Known As: Block 52+ F- 16D and Sufa Origin: United States of America Corporations: Lockheed Martin.

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They can be easily removed.

This file has been extracted from another file: The high sensor resolution enables pilots to reliably identify sua combat objects and consequently to avoid collateral damage. Retrieved 26 May From this point on, blocks ending in “0” e.

General Dynamics F Fighting Falcon variants – Wikipedia

These aircraft were delivered in — A second award on 20 May covered production Lot 2, comprising a further 23 QFs. Since Taiwanese industry had not developed a sophisticated fighter before, AIDC sought design and development assistance from General Dynamics and other major American aerospace companies.

Elbit Systems produced the aircraft’s helmet-mounted sight f-16o, head-up display HUDmission and presentation computers, and digital map display. Lockheed Martin began F flight demonstration of an initial CFT shape in to investigate performance and handling quality characteristics.

F-16I Sufa

The FA R remained primarily combat aircraft with a secondary reconnaissance role. This can be used in combat to evade missile lock-ons.

Delivery was completed in late Retrieved 1 April The initial flight assessed basic aircraft operation including flight controls, landing gear and environmental control, cockpit and basic avionics systems. The rear fuselage was also canted up by three degrees to increase the angle of attack on takeoff and landing.

  HCPL 0631 PDF

The upgrade of its aircraft fleet started in January and is expected to complete by Accurate delivery of laser guided bombs; GPS guided munitions, cluster and general purpose bombs and reliable damage assessment. It appears that deliveries are taking place at the rate of two aircraft per month, suggesting a force of about 20 aircraft by the end of and nearly 50 by late Before landing on Israeli soil, one of the aircrafts performs a “touch and go” procedure, following the landing of both aircrafts for the first time at the IAF base in Ramon.

As adversary aircraft, the Navy’s FNs were notable for their colorful appearance.

F-16I Soufa

The radar also features improvements in the field of aerial targets including aquistion range and tracking quality. The honored entourage attached the symbol of the Negev squadron to the aircraft’s tails, thus making them an official part of the IAF. Two vehicles were built by Rockwell International and were flown from tofor a total of 26 B drop-test missions at Dryden.

In light of the findings, it was stated that Sufa airplanes will return to be operational after they were grounded on March 20th,following air crew complaints regarding side effects caused by oxygen system and by the formaldehyde level that was above the international environmental standard.

The upgrade program would extend the F’s flying hours from 6, to 8, hours. Samsung worked closely with Lockheed and the basic KTX-2 design had been laid out by This was followed by four “Richmond recce pods”, which saw service in the Balkans.

FI Sufa – Wikimedia Commons

Archived from the original PDF on 3 January The following 4 pages uses this file: Retrieved 25 May Sign In Sign Out. They also increase weapon suta by freeing-up additional store stations. Defense Technical Information Center.


There were development problems with the F, due to the fact that the aircraft is a new and unique configuration that included Israeli systems, such as electronic-warfare EW gear and displays, that were a challenge to integrate. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Archived from the original on 16 December UAE shows off its most advanced Falcons”.

Beginning inthe Belgian Air Force replaced its own Mirage 5BR reconnaissance aircraft with at least a dozen FA R equipped with loaned Orpheus pods and Vinten cameras from the Mirages; these were replaced with more capable Per Udsen modular recce pods from — The first Block 30 F arrived in October Due to the high stress of constant combat training, the wings of these aircraft began to crack and the Navy announced their retirement in A total of aircraft were produced and delivered to six countries.

Views View Edit History. Archived from the original PDF on 16 December This joint USAF and NASA remotely piloted program used canards and other research technologies like synthetic vision with a lightweight composite structure that helped it to achieve high performance goals such as sustaining an 8-g turn. The baseline F has a combat radius of nm 1, km with two 2,lb bombs and two AIM-9, with 1, US gal external tanks.