What are the Infernal Exalted? This question, the central question for this chapter, is best answered by starting at the beginning. To quickly sum. Infernal Exalted is a collective term used for all those Exalted who have entered service to the Yozis and have been twisted by them. Within the Chosen of the. The Manual of Exalted Power—The Infernals provides the rules and background to run a game that focuses upon. Infernal Exalted characters or to design such.

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Or you’ll get drafted into a militia to face down a Solar. During the writing of the exlted, there was actually this enormous row over the topic of Yozi escape. Which is something I hope can be salvaged by having the Infernals learning their Charms as the secrets of the Yozi and their mechanics being simply how they manifest it or something.

The Yozis are not, in fact, merciful. In any case, their moment of destiny passed and they basically had to live with epic failure. Unfaithfulness to Ahlat is punishable by death, and yyyyou guessed it, rape counts! As a result of Malfeas’ influence, however, the Green Sun Princes of this caste are sadistic, unstoppable juggernauts more often than generals.

I sure hope so, or his storyteller’s just the nicest guy in the world, and I wonder if he’d buy me that car I’ve been needing. I don’t necessarily want those charms back as they were which doesn’t work due to not having direct access to Yozi charms anymore anywaybut I loved the idea of the infernals being so self-focused narcissistic perhaps, though not guaranteed that they created their own charmset that completely diverged from any before them.

The default way this happens is a crystal sphere full of fire appearing in front of the attack, breaking, and as it breaks screwing up space for a second or two, but if you’ve got the Charm you’re encouraged to stunt it into more interesting things.


Cecylene ‘s got a Keyword all to herself: Any time someone with this Charm would use willpower to avoid falling victim to a social attack, they can instead gain a point of Limit.

FATAL & Friends — Exalted: Manual of Exalted Power, Infernal

They demand subservience and crush all that oppose them into dust. The Yozis do not have Charms. Here you start to see flashes of genius, and more frequently have them squashed under really stupid mechanics. The gods are corrupt. Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page. Just wind them up and turn them loose. But Yozis themselves remain cosmic absolutes.

Either way, what follows is the same…. In addition, shintais form a gateway to Charms and mutations the Infernal can access in her regular form.


There was also some amount of back-and-forth with Alan. All other flavors of Exalted base their Charms off Skills and Abilities in one way or another. Fuck him right in his tentacled face. Her hate means she’ll kill you slowly. They infegnals the akuma, the first and most numerous of the Infernal Exalted.

Note that force does not necessarily equate to violence. This had the side effect of completely eliminating their free will and making them reliant on constant babysitting from the Yozis not to fuck up. Your ad here, right now: Infernals would have had a decent shot at being hailed as a landmark event in RPGdom.

Although, to be fair, there’s still things to be said about Infernal politics and ruling in Hell. So she had to go into Hell with the rest of them.

Infernal Exalted

Exakted doesn’t even really believe in it. At their worst, darkest hour, they were still cosmic beings. This would have been spelled out in plain infenals. The Infernals of Chapter 5 changed all that. And then it’s an uphill battle for Slayer-boy, trying to do good when most fibers of his being scream for him to hellify Creation, and that’s what exwlted powers help him do.


They feel like they deserve their day in the sun, even if the sun is green. But I would really love if 3E Infernals had an endgame that looked a lot like Exalted Modern’s setup.

Most demons see them as potential rivals or pawns, although many Green Sun Princes prove themselves to their cousins and take their places as the true Princes of Hell within a short time.

Infernals still have their own Motivations. Contents [ show ]. It would also be terribly boring, from a game perspective, if all members of a given Infernal Caste were cut from a single mold.

Infernals and Leashes Specifically because they’re “not that terrible,” as you put it. You can’t invent an Essence 10 Charm.

But I didn’t write chapter one infernasl talk to the guy who did, so. SWLIHN gives you contagious absolute sociopathy, Adorjan will render you totally unable to communicate with anyone, at all, as well as making you give off contagious hysterical deafness and dumbness, aaaand the Ebon Dragon’s reaction to getting pissed off is to make you contagiously incapable of doing anything but indulging in your favorite vice for a day.

Click here to edit contents of this page. The four virtues are guiding emotions, not moral barometers. Let us now circle ijfernals, mentally, and compare them to the past chapter.

Infernal Exalted | Mutant Future Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Hopefully there’s still room for its inclusion. The Ebon Dragon is actually inffrnals of understanding heroism except through opposition to it.

Now, that’s neat and all, but you know how the Yozis are masses of Charms?