EGBDF are the notes of the lines on the treble clef, though its mnemonic Every Good Boy Deserves Favour, being a Tom Stoppard title, is wittily and doubly. Two annotated play scripts for Every Good Boy Deserves Favour written by Tom Stoppard with music by Andre Previn, directed by Trevor Nunn, by the Royal. Tom Stoppard, André Previn, The London Symphony Orchestra – Every Good Boy Every Good Boy Deserves Favour “A Play For Actors And Orchestra” (Vinyl .

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The play with mistaken identities — the confusion of the characters about: And with those two at the helm, surely it’s no surprise that it is “intense and audacious,” as the Stage puts it.

This page was last edited on 7 Juneat Alexander’s son, Sacha, also gets into trouble at school “Detention is becoming a family tradition”, his teacher notes. Retrieved 19 January The complete review ‘s Review:. Every Good Boy Deserves Favour was the last production at the old Mermaid before it was demolished and redeveloped.

What to say about … Every Good Boy Deserves Favour

It is largely set in a mental institution, where two characters — both named Alexander Ivanov — share a cell. Sign off as the Times does: In the hospital he shares a cell with a genuinely disturbed schizophrenicalso called Ivanov, who believes himself to have a symphony orchestra under his command.

It reinvents musical theatre Don’t say: Views Read Edit View history. EngvarB from September Use dmy dates from September One is called Alexander, the other Ivanov, but the names obviously cause some confusion. T om Stoppard might recently have turned up his rock’n’roll credentials to 11, but his dramatic past includes more than a dabbling in classical music.


The play has not been judged one of Stoppard’s best but it is the one perhaps closest to his heart, which he wears openly on his sleeve in the passionate irony of the longer speeches. It was first performed in Because the Orchestra a character in the play does not have a conductor in charge, Andre was again almost prone, out of sight of the audience during performance, crouched and conducting from below stage level.

The filming was undertaken at a live performance at Wembley Conference Centre in Aprilconducted by Previn.


Like Benedict Nightingale, you reckon that the Morris-Barrett innovations give the play a meaning for our times: He once used a whole orchestra in a “crazily ambitious” the Times and “gloriously preposterous” Financial Times play, which is now enjoying a revival at the National Theatre.

But I am in a mental hospital.

Enjoyable, clever, and no doubt impressive in its full orchestral setting, Every Good Boy Deserves Favour is still a relatively small and by now somewhat dated piece. The role of Sacha was played by a number of young actors including Harris again, and Anthony Robb. Two years later, Stoppard found a suitable subject when he met Favoud Fainberg, a Russian political dissident.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ivanov is a genuine loon.

But the system prevails, even in failure. That’s what I said. A chamber-orchestra version also exists.


There’s farce, there’s tragedy — and there’s that orchestra which is presumably better appreciated on the stage than on the page.

For example, you are here because you have delusions that sane people are put in mental hospitals. Do not copy or redistribute in any form. Oligarchy in the UK Reviews reviewed: Alexander is a political prisoner, Ivanov a genuine mental patient who hears an orchestra in his head.

Ivanov imagines that he is playing the triangle in an orchestra — an orchestra that does, in fact, exist in the staging of the play, if not in the reality biy depicts. Alexander is a dissident, institutionalized for his unacceptable views. Suddenly, thuggish warders patrol the orchestra, seizing, beating, even killing players in a crazed ballet, which emphasises that both men inhabit the same mad, unjust world.

The gooe Soviet policy of hiding away dissidents and silencing critics in this manner is fortunately largely a thing of the past, but that deprives the piece of much of its frisson and leaves it with a somewhat dated feel.

By he had left Russia and was working to secure the release of fellow-dissident Vladimir Bukovsky. This leads you to the play itself, which is — as the Guardian’s Michael Dfserves puts it ceserves “classic Stoppard”.