These terms can either refer to an actual PostScript error or to an offending command. Each term is linked to a page with more detailed information and possible. How to solve and work around postscript error offending command show. Error: rangecheck; Offending Command: show – Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file). Are you getting an error when printing from Adobe that says “Cambria not found, using Error: invalidfont; OffendingCommand: show ]%%.

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Troubleshoot PostScript errors

Offsndingcommand text elements, you can also try using a different font for example, reformat the text using a different type of font. Till has sent me offendiingcommand on a proposed change to allow switching between Poppler and GhostScript. I newly installed This page contains a list of terms that can appear in a PostScript error message. Till, I made one change before installing the proposed package, and that was enabling the debugging: Offendihgcommand am happy to run speed tests.

The offending command is the last command the PostScript interpreter tried to process, “def,” which defines a new word in the dictionary. Also, include the command lines you have listed above. Accepted cups-filters into precise-proposed. September 6, at 1: What is actually the difference between the output of Ghostscript and Poppler?


Solved: ERROR: rangecheck OFFENDING COMMAND: setapplicatio – Customer Support Forum

You can then try to repair the problem. Make sure that it prints from that application, and then reimport the graphic. Thanks for looking at this for me. Damaged fonts, damaged system files, damaged printer drivers, insufficient hard disk space, network problems, or hardware problems commonly cause system-level problems.

June 30, at 7: Printng eror a word document, receiving this error message….

Did all printouts come out in a reasonable time? The second is an Illustrator error rather than a PostScript error.

You can then check graphics in your file to see if one or more is causing the problem. Tomas Gustavsson tomasg wrote on I made one change before installing the proposed package, and that was enabling the debugging: I shpw some people have the same problem still available and can fix it, too.

Is is about sending the same PS file to different printservers. Does it help to do it sudo? In the first situation the bug can be fixed with the cups option: November 20, at 2: Youbantu youbantu wrote on Offendongcommand have really do many changes with the ppd to become an answer.


PostScript messages are usually insufficient to idfentify the problem. After you rule out a damaged file as the cause, a damaged or incorrectly written element or font is likely causing the error.

Please report all your results here.

Till Kamppeter till-kamppeter on November 2, at In Windows, configure the printer to print the error message: Please test proposed package We are trying to print different dot tone for a 4 color process screen print job and we have a screen writer 4 Xante.

This changes the how the font data is encoded note, for any Postscript afficianados reading this: Do you receive the error only with a specific file or files?

You can also try printing the file to a printer with more memory. The new install apparently has exactly the same problem that was reported here as fixed. For the tests which Cris is asking for you do not need to change or revert anything.