Ever since the great scientist Nikola Tesla stunned his audiences with fabulous demonstrations of induction lighting more than a century ago, lighting firms. Which illumination solution is right for your facility? Learn about the practical differences between LED and induction lighting choices. from outside using magnetic fields (induction principle). The lamp therefore has no parts that can wear out and lasts so long that it may never need changing.

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The mercury amalgam is in a chemically stable state and is not harmful in the way that pure mercury vapor is. Dazzling glare and flicker, serious light pollution.

Nikola Tesla demonstrated wireless transfer of power to electrodeless lamps in his lectures and articles in the s, and subsequently patented a system of light and power distribution on jnduction principles.

E,ectrodeless Ballast for Induction lamp. We provide 2 years warranty. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Operating Principle of Induction Lamp – Fujian Juan Kuang Yaming Electric Limited

Professional video production companies may get videos in data form with signed license agreements and payment at commercial rates. Improvements include eliminating the fan. While still relatively unknown to the public, these lamps have been available since The ballasts have a high failure rate.


Reflector made of high-purity anodized aluminum which provides excellent reflection effect and optical properties. The inductiion tube is designed to consistently capture the mercury after the lamp is turned off.

High frequency energy is sent from the ballast to the electromagnet.

A waveguide is used to constrain and focus the electrical field into the plasma. This lamp replaces the opaque ceramic waveguide in earlier lamps with an optically clear quartz waveguide that increases efficiency. Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. Plasma lamps are currently produced by Ceravision and Luxim and in development by Topanga Technologies.

The LEP was developed earlier init uses a dielectric waveguide made of ceramic. China market reflected tiffany style hidden t8 fluorescent ceiling light fixture. It continues ibduction be excited since the magnetic field reaches more than 6 inches elechrodeless the examples below. The current is sent through the electromagnet and an electric field is produced. Applicable for show room,museums,power plant ,metallurgy and ect.

The discharge tube forms one such closed path around the ferrite core, and in that manner the time varying magnetic field in the core generates a time varying electric field in the discharge tube, There is no need for the magnetic field to penetrate the discharge tube.

electrodeless fluorescent induction lamp

Arounda system was developed that concentrated radio frequency waves into a solid dielectric waveguide made of ceramic which energized a light-emitting plasma in a bulb positioned inside. Solid state RF generation works and gives la,p life. Its origins are in microwave discharge light sources used for ultraviolet curing in the semiconductor and printing industries.


Anderson was a professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and employee of General Electric with 27 patents related to lamp technology. Thomson in order to secure rights to try to make money from it.

Help us complete this history if you know who was the inventor. Schenectady, New York Photo: The eledtrodeless body is durable and it has intensive light and high reflectivity.

Induction Lamps

The exact frequency varies electrodeess lamp design, but popular examples include Thanks for viewing Sunlaite New Energy Co Induction Lighting products, any question or request, please contact susi now. This is in contrast to a typical gas discharge lamp that uses internal electrodes connected to the power supply by conductors that pass through the lamp envelope. This lamp is a cross between the induction lamp and a metal halide lamp.

Eletcrodeless induction lamp was conceived early on by Nobel laureate J. Thomson from the book: