Editorial Reviews. Review. “Rachel Van Dyken is an excellent writer and there is never a dull moment with this story Elect was a fast-paced read, with. Elect. Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo. Would you die for the one you love? Nixon Abandonato made his choice. And now he has to pay the price. Tracey is the. novella in the back of Elicit that deals with Nixon/Trace. **Evoke is a 3 chapter bonus novella on WATTPAD for free that you can read in between Elite/Elect.

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As for Chase well i am sure he loves Tracey alot but he knew her history with Nixon he had no right to push Tracey to choose him knowing how much his best friend loved her i just dont feel in my heart to excuse him.

Not the worst I have read but not the best either.

Back to the story now well i am little confused i do not understand Nixons decisions duken this book i mean he knows how Chase feels about Tracey even then he pushes them together I do not think its selflessness its more of a self preservation, also torture for Chase and a test for Tracey. Teams be damned when you read Elect. Non nego di aver dato un voto basso al primo libro, solo due stelle, ma ero curiosissima di leggere e scoprire cosa ci avrebbe riservato la scrittrice in questo secondo libro, rlect ben sono stata ripagata.

Eagle Elite Series

We know that Chase and Nixon love Tracey. Yep, she was loving so much Nixon, but damn, she forgot so easily!!!!


I have to say, she couldn’t have made this book any racchel, any more amazing or any different. Videos About This Book. Kindle Editionpages. Espero empezar en un rato con su libro.

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You have your best friend who just happens to be vam love with your girlfriend pretend to date your girlfriend so that nobody suspects you. But Trace isn’t ready to give up on a future with Nix–and if he won’t fight for them, she will. But I’m pressing on to the 3 draft book hoping it improves.

This was a recipe for heartbreak!

Even though Chase could be a bit of a jerk he was still a sappy sweetheart to Trace. Berger excels in the characterization rachhel the male roles. I don’t know what to make of the man other than he is rather impulsive with a twisted sense of humor. Let me say that this was one that I could tolerate and I liked it. Their weakness can cost them their life, or worse, that of the one they love. Would you die for the one you love?

Eagle Elite Series by Rachel Van Dyken

And like all good big series’ you get a full dose of all the other characters as well, slowly setting them up for future books!! I would think I had the whole thing figured out, then she would throw in a twist that would make me rethink everything.

Granted, they E,ect just a bunch of teens.

Its hard to choose one of them. I don’t know, but I remember that I wasn’t much keen on the first book but I still wanted to know what happens Ugh a love triangle? A Little Too Hot. Read carefully chapters do switch on and off between character POV. I still am and always will be team Nixon! I know many people may disagree, but it ended beautifully. Well, it was all going on in this story.


Elect (Eagle Elite, #2) by Rachel Van Dyken

It just feels a little contrived: In the end, I did enjoy Elect. To keep her safe he has to prove to the world she means nothing to him. Nixon Abandonato made his choice.

Just for informational purposes there will be a book three and I am already intrigued by the cliffhanger. Nixon and Trace love each other but their relationship is forbidden. If being with you brings her that peace, then I want you to have her.

So many secrets, so many intersecting past connections and the need to fulfill the most basest of human nature needs–to find true love and acceptance–among the chaos of this dangerous, power vqn, mafia world. But I will read the rest of the series because I am curious how will all end However, it was interesting to see how he became how he is today. I still dont know who is on the up and up. I just felt she made her love cheap and shakes head On the fence Book one was great.

The Dtken are back at one of the most prestigious universities and Nixon is still in charge.