: El exorcista: E Planeta – pp PA. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. William Peter Blatty (Nueva York, ) es el aclamado autor de El exorcista () y del guión cinematográfico de la. of 15 results for Books: “William P. Blatty” Exorcist by William P Blatty ( ). by William P Blatty El Exorcista (The Exorcist).

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The Exorcist

And I was really excited to read the original book on which this cult classic was based. This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat View all 17 comments. Some of his other notable works are the novels ElsewhereDimiter and Crazy But the devil keeps advertising, Father.

Its source was southwest. Views Read Edit View history. If you are ever feeling irregular, this scene works better than a bran muffin and cup of coffee. July was an epic reading month! Kinderman willima the Homicide division. I’m glad that I was able to read his most iconic work way before he would die.

You suddenly realize you’re reading something you care about. Damn near all the way up to our sternums.

Falls of blood and mountains of dead bodies succesfully dimmed any scares and frights that the reader could have experienced when he was reading this novel in the early 70’s. Father Dyer and Detective Kinderman: Chris was able to rxorcista in touch with Father Karras through some peeps but he had to spend time with Regan to prove to the Bishop an exorcism was exorcitsa. Let me go all William Peter Blatty and explain: The writing is like popcorn, dialogue is realistic, the characters are likable while having unlikable characteristics, exorcistta there’s plenty of moments that will either get under your skin or turn your stomach altogether yes It’s in the book, obviously, and may I say, it is even creepier than in the film.


William Blatty writes in such a unique way with his characters its places you directly into their minds and he makes you feel like you are that person.

A sarcastic, yet deeply compassionate character that you can’t help but love through all of his blustering, or batty as he likes to call it. I would recommend this book to all horror lovers.

Since some others may call as unrealistic, to believe in gods or higher powers, The film’s producers famously demanded that an exorcism be added to the climax, since the word “exorcist” was in the title and they thought that was what the audience wanted to see.

So, I think that willim fairest rating is giving a solid 4-star rating. Regan’s mom Chris who is a movie star let her do it because she didn’t exorcisa there was any harm in it.

Legion by William Peter Blatty

As someone who loves serial killers and murder mysteries, the storyline of Legion was a page-turner for me. The character of karl was intriguing for obvious reasons. Lieutenant Kinderman is investigated a series of grisly murders. View all 8 comments. Crichton had a B. Quoted in John CaseyAfter Lives: I didhowever, finally get around to reading the book. lbatty

But there were certain things which were more unexpected than the climax. Horror fiction portal Novels portal. The Exorcist is a classic – but it is a good classic; it’s not The Castle of Otranto or The Monkboth of which haven’t exactly stood the test of time; The Exorcist is a classic in the way of Rosemary’s Baby or I Am Legendboth of which will be remembered and savored by generations of readers in years to come.


Return to Book Page. Decades later Blatty is asked to read the book for the audio version. It scared the hell out of me. The book is well written and the transitions from the rabbit trails which seem to be the reason for this book to the main storyline are cohesive and often times so rapid it’s startlingly subtle. Blatty, for keeping me enthralled throughout. Vomiting, cursing and using a religious cross for a purpose altogether different to what it was intended for. I’ve noticed that an underlying theme of all these Blatty books has been good vs evil, the presence or absence of God, and what this means for humanity.

The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty

To ask other readers questions about The Exorcistplease sign up. The writing style is a vast departure, the detail paid to the story is williiam more minimal, nearly back-burner to the platform for expounding his theories on the universe. The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty.

His guilt and tiredness.