STMicroelectronics MW Series EEPROM are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for STMicroelectronics . Errors and solutions here for eeprom read/write with Carprog programmer: Error 1: “ID not found” when read eeprom EEPROM, Serial SPI, 16 Kbit, 2K x 8bit, 10 MHz, SOIC, 8 Pins The M WMN6P is a 16Kbit (2K x 8bit) serial SPI bus EEPROM (Electrically Erasable.

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Carprog reads/writes eeprom with A4/A6 adapter | OBDIIcom Official Blog

The “Device blank check failed ” means the chip is not a blank chip, there are some data in the chip. Device blank check failed at address: Once the chip is blank, then you can load your data file and click on Write button to wrtie the data into chip. You can save data as. I believe they will do the job.

Use ToolA instead, because your chip pins already damaged. You need to find a way to test the data. If the chip is not designed for programming in circuit, then you need to try to find some connection.

Reply 13 benaknoun Spain Posts. It is SOIC8 mil chip. Most of used on-board chips should have something. Reply 17 ZLM Posts.


Carprog 9.31 reads/writes eeprom 95160 with A4/A6 adapter

Reply 2 benaknoun Spain Posts. When you uploading the image, only use letter and number as file name. Reply 3 ZLM Posts. That is depending on your circuit design.

Reply 5 ZLM Posts. Which part number you selected in software? Then the ADP should be used. Hi, i have received the tools i bought from mcumall canada, there are numbers on the adapters, how do i know which pin is the right matching one with the chip? That is safe and fastest way.

The only way to test data is: But the fast way is to remove it from board and program it on the programmer ZIF spcket directly.

Also, when i click on ID, it says “function not supported on this device” Image Insert: Reply 8 benaknoun Spain Posts. Reply 11 benaknoun Eeprmo Posts. Reply 14 benaknoun Spain Posts.

Hi, thanks for your reply, here are the numbers on the chip: If it is “”, then it has no ID on this chip. Feprom 12 ZLM Posts. All other pins are pin to pin connect to programmer socket. What is your chip on board? Reply 6 benaknoun Spain Posts.


Reply 9 ZLM Posts. Hi, it seems i’m doing something right then! To be honest though, the other adapter i bought, not sure what its for?? What is your another adapter part number?

Hi, ok forget this chip, its damaged Try to power up the board and do not connect pin 8 Vcc pin. Hi, i have 9510 the tool to the chip and adapter to eeeprom programmer. Reply 7 ZLM Posts. Also, another question please about the same chip: It should be able to open it by same software.

I think it should be SOIC8 mil chip. Reply 19 ZLM Posts. Reply 18 benaknoun Spain Posts.

Reply 15 ZLM Posts. Chip is blank does this mean this chip is empty??? Reply 16 benaknoun Spain Posts. Reply 1 ZLM Posts.

The wire erprom be any wires, as long as you can solder it. Reply 4 benaknoun Spain Posts. Reply 10 benaknoun Spain Posts. What is exact part number? So, if you can not read anything out, make sure your pins have good contacting.