A fine memoir by one of America’s foremost evolutionary biologists. E. O. Wilson defines biophilia as ‘the innate tendency [in human beings] to focus on life and. The term was later used by American biologist Edward O. Wilson in his work Biophilia (), which proposed that the tendency of humans to. Join in on the adventure! Become a member for special invites to events throughout the year! ‚Äč. Plus Receive discounts on. -Summer Day Camps. -5K Trail Run.

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Biophilia hypothesis |

Wilson, Naturalist Humanity is exalted not because we are so far above other living creatures, but because knowing them well elevates the very concept of life. Similarly, biophilic space has been defined as the environment that strengthens life and supports the sociological and psychological components, [15] [16] or, in other words, it is able to: Dec 11, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: There are some deep thoughts in the book and some good arguments made bilphilia the biodiversity conservation in nature by humans.

Wilson takes biohpilia on a tour through the wilsno of Surinam, Brazil, and New Guinea, some of the last remaining wildernesses of this world, and argues that we human beings have an instinctive bond with other living systems, which eventually will lead us to protect rather than destroy all living things and the environment in which we live.

The eminent biologist reflects on his own response to nature and the aesthetic aspects of his exploration of natural systems in an intensely personal essay that examines the essential links between mankind and the rest of the living world. A quiet but thoughtful book, making the deward that humans, having evolved in the midst of a natural realm replete with species diversity, need that environment for our basic well-being.


This is the folly our descendants are least likely to forgive us. Each chapter is a separate essay about random things.

Biophilia hypothesis

When I first read Biophilia init affected me deeply. Thanks for telling us about the problem. He also describes some fascinating imaginative tools for comprehending the vast range and mass of our planet A series of personal essays from one of America’s foremost entomologists and naturalists. Retrieved 10 Mar To an extent still undervalued in philosophy and religion, our existence depends on this propensity, our spirit is woven from it, hopes rise on its currents.

They are the matrix in which the human mind originated and is permanently rooted, and they offer the challenge and freedom innately sought. Oct 23, Rebecca rated it it was amazing. In BiophiliaWilson introduced a conservation ethic based on multiple dimensions of the innate relationship humans share with nature.

But to sustain it we need the most delicate, knowing stewardship of the living world that can be devised. They are too consistent to be dismissed as the result of purely historical events working on a mental blank slate. Most children have a bug period, and I never grew out of mine. He also describes some fascinating imaginative tools for comprehending the vast range and mass of our planet’s life.

The hypothesis has since been developed as part of theories of evolutionary psychology in the book The Biophilia Hypothesis edited by Stephen R. My English teacher from last year.

Overall, this book made biopjilia think on the biodiversity conservation without giving me further tools or processes to do it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


Human preferences toward things in naturewhile refined through experience and culture, are hypothetically the product of biological evolution.

What would he think now, thirty years on? My library Help Advanced Book Search. Retrieved from ” https: Psychological, Sociocultural, and Evolutionary Investigations edited by Peter Kahn and Stephen Kellert, [6] the importance of animals, especially those with which a child can develop a nurturing relationship, is emphasized particularly for early and middle childhood.

Six years later, it still surprises and delights wilsln. Forman Limited preview – Diving into the term philiaor friendship, Aristotle evokes the idea of reciprocity and how friendships are beneficial to both parties in more than just one way, but especially in the way of happiness.


One of a few profound books to help us think about Stewardship. Juxtaposed to the notion that biophilia competes with the human technological drive is the notion that technology is in itself an extension of human evolution and biophilia. This seems to me to be a very important idea for everyone to consider seriously and feel deeply.

Go onto youtube and google his speeches on it Biophilia and sustainable urban theories and edwrad. Thank You for Your Contribution! Anecdotal and qualitative evidence suggests that humans are biophilla attracted to nature.

Do you suppose, if I admit that I find it a bit difficult to hold my attention to an E. Wilson is a master storyteller, skillful at evoking exotic scenes.