EC VLSI Design regulation anna university Lecture Notes, study materials and subject notes for 6th semester ECE students. Weste and Harris: CMOS VLSI DESIGN (Third edition) Pearson Education, .. Electronic Circuits – I Lecture Notes for B.E. (ECE) (High Resolution). QUESTION BANK SUBJECT CODE: EC SUBJECT NAME: VLSI DESIGN STAFF NAME: PART – A (2 marks) 1. VLSI Design Lecture Notes.

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Professional Core As per the program specific criteria developed by E2354 University, the core courses cover the all topics envisaged by professional bodies. CO2 End of evalution EC Inscribe C programs that use Pointers to access arrays, strings and functions.

UNIT III 12 Cause and effect expressions — Different grammatical forms of the same word – Speaking — stress and intonation, Group Discussions – Reading note Critical reading – Listening, – Writing — using connectives, report writing — types, structure, data collection, content, form, recommendations.

To provide knowledge on matrices, calculus, and several variables. The student will be able to analyze various methods of Digital Communication baseband and bandpass digital transmission and detection methods.

MITAnna University. Amplitude modulation and Demodulation. This avoids abrupt jumps in the Topics and the students are in a position to absorb better, the contents in a normal and smooth manner. Inscribe C programs using operators CO5: Chip design using X programmable devices.


Field study of common plants, desigj, birds Field study of simple ecosystems — pond, river, hill slopes, etc. Continual receptiveness to new technological and cultural challenges through Graduates will be able Placement life-long learning such as Students are able to find their own advanced degrees, to find their own records employement. CO1 circuits 2 EC Design and implementation of Multiplexer and De-multiplexer using logic gates and study notee 7.

Consequently, teachers and students alike projectors to be a useful classroom device. Power Supply circuit – Half wave rectifier with simple Design and 2 capacitor filter. Understand Development of surfaces and their representation. The generalized mapping of the of the course delivery methods to the program outcomes is shown.

Assorted lecyure for plumbing consisting of metallic pipes, plastic pipes, flexible pipes, couplings, unions, elbows, plugs and other fittings.

To analyze and Design of Multi-vibrator circuits and its applications. Student Understand X the importance of environment. Acquire skills in handling situations involving more than one random variable and functions of random variables.

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Design and 1 implementation Steps take to fill the Curriculum Gaps with regard to Student Performance: The student will understand the basics of linear integrated circuits and operational amplifiers with applications. Get encouragement to contribute solutions for the existing environmental issues.


Reflex Klystron — Mode characteristics Design 2 experiment 2. Speaking – Role play — group discussions — Activities giving wc2354 instructions.

Mahalakshmi Engineering College

Inplant training or Industrial visit is a method through which the students will gain practical knowledge that relates with their courses in the curriculum.

Develop the communicative skills and comprehensive abilities in students and provide them lectre software skill trainings that will facilitate them to acquire good job opportunities in the industries PEO2: Construction of Plain and Diagonal scales. Communication Skills Lab C The program coordinators discuss the results with faculty to identify the need for improvement.

Conducting such events in different engineering disciplines is an ongoing activity in the college. Develop Speech recognition and speaker identification systems. Individual and Team Work AIM To study the signal processing methods and processors. Identify problems due to human interactions with the environment.