VASANT DESAI . Entrepreneurs who are dynamic . Entrepreneurial development and management has come to be recognised globally as the key to rapid. Late Shri Bhujang Ranganath Mutalik – Desai Entrepreneurial development and management has come to be . VASANT DESAI .. Then, be sure to exploit the interdependent dynamics of the initiatives to keep the. Dr. Vasant Desai Yayati Nayak Small Scale Industries and entrepreneurial Development The Dynamics of Entrepreneurial Development and Management.

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UNIT- II Organization of material purchase, purchase procedure ,storage of material-classification and codification ,issue of material, pricing of material, inventory control ,methods of develompent control, material houses, accounting treatment of waste, managekentdefectives and spoilage, UNIT- III Labour cost, labour cost control procedure, methods of wage payment, classification of overhead, methods of absorption of overhead, UNIT- IV Simple unit costing, tender price determination ,operating cost, transport costing, hotel costing, practical problems, process costing UNIT- V Process cost account,-normal and abnormal wastage ,apportionment of joint expenses ,contract costing, work in process account ,incomplete contracts, reconciliation of cost and financial accounts, practical problems.

Vasant Desai Books

Unit — II Dividend Decisions: Reserve Bank of India ; Apex Banking institution; Commercial banks Development banks, state bank of India; Brief history, objectives, Functions, structure and organization, working and progress. Methodology of Research in Social Science. Business Economics, Shaitya Bhaawan, Agra. Social science research in society.


Unit -V Publication and Drafting of Research Proposal- Agencies conducting social science research, Scheme of research introduced of a research proposals. Human Resource Development Unit I: Unit -IV Standard costing and variance analysis. Sources of Information in social research.

Parties involved in new issues- manager, Registrars, UnderwritersBankers, b agencies.

Vasant Desai (Author of The Dynamics of Entrepreneurial Development and Management)

Role of Management accountant in decision making. Operating leverage, How much financial leverage is enough? The three step process of valuation economic analysis, industry analysis, company analysis. Managerial Economics, Vikash New Delhi 4. Chand, New Delhi 3.

Structure and organization of banks. Types- Systematic- market risk, interest rate risk, purchasing power risk. Dematerialization process and re-materialization process. Unit-III Production – Basic concept, production defined, production management function, objective of production management, scope of production management, decision making in production management, production organization.

Selecting research problems, formulation of Hypothesis. Unit2 Buyer developmebt influencing factors, buying decision process, market segmentation —basic of segmentation, targeting and positioningproduct life cycle, marketing information system.

Dividend Theories, Other effecting dividend policies, Buyback of shares. Material and Production Management. Unit- II Cost-volume profit analysis, concept of break-even point, profit-volume relation, margin of safety. Tools of data collection, Survey research techniques. Marketing Research —process and need. Analysis of Time Series, Causes of variations in time series data; Components of a time series; Decomposition — Additive and multiplicative models; Determination of trends — Moving averages method and method of least squares including linear, second degree.

Membership Application Form – Institution of permanent managsment. Unit — V Working Capital Management: Organisational Behaviour Text and CasesS.


Unit4 Product promotion-Adverting, personal selling and sales promotion. Parabolic, and exponential trend ; Computation of seasonal indices by simple averages, ratio-to-trend, ratio-to-moving average, and link relative methods. Marketing Management Unit1 Meaning, nature and scope of marketing management , marketing concept, marketing environment, economic and non economic. General framework of valuation.

Relationship between primary and secondary market. Pure Vs Applied Research. Securities and Exchange Board of India origin, functions, organization and activities. National securities Depository LTD. Business Accounting BBA advertisement. Management reporting, qualities of report, reporting for top management.

UNIT- II Marketing research and decision making, research design, types of research design exploratory, descriptive, and experimental. Banking and Insurance Unit 1: Debt or equity, capital structure theories Modigliani — Miller Approach, Tax perspective, Factors influencing capital structure, some conclusions entreprenrurial capital structure decisions.

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Unit — IV Financial Analysis: Unit 3 Product placing and development — product mix product classification, product pricing – Techniques of pacing.

Analysis of Univariate Data, Construction of a frequency distribution; Concept of central tendency and dispersion — managemment their measures; Partition values; Moments; Skew ness and measures; Kurtosis and measures. Human Resource Management Cash Management, What is a Float?