Find Powerhouse Products Door Slammers: The Chassis Book POW and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Door Slammers: The. If you are building or racing a full bodied drag car, this book shows you how to maximize chassis performance. Written by industry expert Dave Morgan. Books & Videos, * Doorslammers the Chassis Book *, WELDER’S HANDBOOK, PERFORMANCE FUEL INJECTION SYSTEMS, How To Make Your Car Handle, .

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The shocks relationship to roll rotation 4 Tire Talk. There is a ton of information that most drag racers do not know in this book.

Door Slammers: The Chassis Book

Find your way in problem solving DVD: This book is a must have for all drag racers. Know where to start 16 Four Links.

These days, Morgan makes his living as a free-lance writer and lives on his horse ranch in West Virginia where chadsis states central location makes it easy for him to reach east coast and mid-west race tracks. Savvy racers know how to use their race mass 6 Checking for chassis straightness.

Know when chaseis use it 14 Ladder Bars. Door Slammers The Chassis Book – pages – includes quick trouble shooting guide in back. Home – Interviews – Forum – Online Store. You will also find out what you should have salmmers. When I get upside down in my 4-link suspension, I pull out this book and go back to basics.

I have read this book over and over and learn something new each time.


You’ll see that what you used to do in order to hook, is probably wrong. Aiston Industries introduced Dave to the world of drag racing when he was hired to organize their sales program and start the successful ‘Tech Tour’ that made chassis seminars so popular in the early eighties. As the General Manager there, Morgan sponsored drag racings first ever.

After reading Door Slammers, you will find out how ignorant most people are when it comes to chassis setup and how to make a car hook.

How to pack a chute 18 How to Determine Line Pressure. Each time I read it I learn something new. Know how to set-up ladder bars 15 Baseline Instant Centers. Dave Morgan owned some extensive motorsports credentials before joining the drag racing industry.

Door Slammers: The Chassis Book by Morgan, Dave –

I have assisted in the construction of full tube chassis prior slammets this book and learned a good deal about what is written in this book. What are your tires saying? Low cost spring tips 8 Stock Coil Springs. Morgan started thhe own traveling seminar company, Morgan Motorsports Network.

The desire to return to the chassis industry was rekindled when he was offered a position at Zeeker Performance in Hicksville, Ohio. This is your chassis standard 12 Bumpsteer. Know what you are working on 5 Ballast Tricks.

Learn how to eliminate toe steer 13 Rear Suspension Thw. A reader, June 23, It is written so that any high school graduate can understand it but a lot of the material and concepts are college level.

After reading the book, I have a true understanding of why we built things the way we did.


Set ride height and store energy 10 Rubber Bumpers. After three national seminar tours, Morgan moved to Baltimore to work for ATI Transmissions where he complimented his chassis tuning experience with knowledge about torque and its relationship to suspension work. Don’t cut them, bake dooor 9 Coil Over Basics.

Lessons in weight and mass 2 Corner Weights. Learn how to adjust your shocks 2 Brake Trouble-shooting Chart. This simple spring has its secrets 11 Ride Height.

PDF Download Door Slammers The Chassis Book Download Online – video dailymotion

Shocks can tell you what your car wants 6 Trouble-shooting Chart. Begin your shopwork 4 Chrome Moly versus Mild Steel. How to know What we can learn from the early days of drag racing Are you creating too much torque Sidewall stiffness What happens after initial hit is very important Chassis stiffness How to tune slammerss bumpy tracks How to balance pitch rotation and torque Watching for yaw rotation of starting line How a crew member should watch the car leave Is your car over-sprung?

Chassis Inspection – one of Dave’s cbassis Burnout How to keep your tires happy – very important Are you hitting the tires too hard? Make it square 7 Elementary Hot Rodding. If you want to understand how your race suspension sla,mers works, I highly recommend this book.