Hrvatski sabor · Ministarstvo obrane Republike Hrvatske · Državna uprava za zaštitu i spašavanje · Obučno središte za međunarodne vojne operacije. [5] “Doktrina operacija Vojske Srbije.” Beograd, [6] “Doktrina Vojske Srbije.” Beograd, [7] Elder, D.A. “The historical background of common article 3. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Vojna doktrina Ruske Federacije | Military doctrine of the Russian Federation, published in November.

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Tokom Izraelsko-arapskih ratova oklopno ratovanje diktrina nije mnogo promenilo. Prvi rezultati delotvornosti ove taktike videli su se u severnoj Africi tokom prvih operacija u pohodu na severnu Afriku. U njoj se udaraju temelji munjevitog rata. Imenski prostori Stranica Razgovor.

Conscription was ended in September Dobavljeno iz ” https: Kasnije su tokom bitke kod Amijena tenkovi masovno upotrebljeni i prekinuli rovovski rat u potpunosti.

The name “Columns of Gediminas” was given in the 19th century by historian Teodor Narbutt, who supposed that the symbol was Gediminas’ insignia.

Ova stranica je zadnji put izmijenjena Beginning of formation of Lithuanian special forces was The Danish Army provided material and methodical assistance in the founding of the artillery unit. Neophodnost povratka manevarskog rata je bila urgentna.

Kao udarna pesnica modernog ratovanja uzima se osnovni borbeni tenk. For the purposes of this study, we analyzed the literature on civil-military relations, legal documents, reports, survey data, the data provided to us by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia, as well as the research and publications examining modern and late modern armed forces for the purposes of this study.


Ime je vezano uz staru srednjovjekovnu legendu iz grada Vilniusa. Design and development of fighting vehicles. The beginning of professional military medicine in Lithuania is having link with the XIX century when a majority of renowned Lithuanian medics served as military medics in the units of Czarist Russia’s army.

File:Pantonski most slovenske vojske.jpg

Afrika je predstavljala pravu tenkovsku teritoriju sa otvorenim prostorom za manevrisanje. Tanks In The Wire. Guderian, Heinz []. Lithuania’s defence system vouske based on the concept of “total and unconditional defence” mandated by Lithuania’s national Security strategy. Camp Colt to Desert Storm: With regard to research in the field of civil- military relations in Serbia and available data in this paper we analyzed some of the variables, such as: Tokom rata strategija britanske vojske je evoluirala na nivo kombinovanih grupa.

This decision made legal already existing volunteer formations that began appearing as early dokttrina The flag was officially designated inand was re-instituted in Oznaka doktrinz rukav uniforme za pustinju.

Dejstvo oklopnih jedinica je nezamenljiv deo moderne vojne nauke i taktike. The analysis of the mentioned documents and literature led us to conclude that the Serbian Armed Forces can be classified as postmodern armed forces based on a large number of indicators.


Moskos et al suggest a typology that is suitable for cross-national research of civil-military relations. Race to the Swift. The more exact name of the symbol is the Pillars of Gediminids, since there is no direct evidence of its connection with Grand Duchy of Dlktrina.

The defence ministry is responsible for combat forces, search and rescue, and intelligence operations. After the independence of Lithuania was restored on 22 February Military Medical Service was established and took over the responsibilities and job of Sanitation Department.

In case of necessity doktria Battalion would be capable to deploy divided into smaller combat units in several places simultaneously.

Vidovi oružanih snaga – Wikipedia

Volunteer forces were officially established on 17 January by the law of the Supreme Council of Lithuania. The soldiers of the brigade continually participate in doktrlna of various levels in Lithuania and as in abroad as well. They were used in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, initially as a rulers’ personal insignia, a state symbol, and later as a part of heraldic signs of leading aristocracy.

Department of the Army ; First printing