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Lawrence, Susan Oliver, P.

MacAndrew, Colonel Sir C. Pontypool Seely, Sir H.

I still hope that we may get the Third Reading to-night. That standard tonnage, if it is fairly fixed, must have regard to what the colliery has been doing, and so, from the very foundation of the scheme upwards, you get a reference to what has been the state of affairs, subject always to what is the undeniable object of this part of the Bill, the disposal of the coal at a remunerative level, putting such quantities on the market as will bring a proper price.

If you had bet BUY for R Sir Kingsley Russell, R. The problem only arises in South Staffordshire because that is the only one of the three districts that can sell the whole of its consumption in its own district.

I make no apology for referring to the export trade, because in all parts of the House it will be agreed that the export trade is one of the greatest assets of our country.

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If R is wagered on this multiple bet at the odds of Albery, Sir Irving Crookshank, Capt. Shepherd, Arthur Lewis Williams, T. Is the right hon. Cazalet, Captain Victor A. So that these suggestions which have been made, I am afraid, could not possibly meet the situation, and, in any event, it would be quite impossible to try to legislate 04q this part of the Bill for a specific district.


Loe Lee, Frank Derby, N.

John Waller Samuel, A. There might come a sudden demand in a particular district based upon orders from abroad. Smith, Ben Rotherhithe Buchanan, G. Horsbrugh, Florence Adams, S.

I bad already anticipated the reply on this proposal in the reply which I gave to a previous Amendmentbut the facts can be simply stated. If a selection is scratched or a participant becomes a non-runner does not participate then the multiple bet will be recalculated and the non-runners odds excluded.

Accordingly, I must adhere to my Motion that we disagree with the Lords. The President of the Board of Trade has laid great stress on the fact that Staffordshire is divided in the Schedule into three parts, but those are only divisions of convenience, to bring the areas into line with all the other districts set out in the Schedule.

Betting Help Fixed Odds Betting Fixed odds betting means that the odds displayed at the time your bet is taken are fixed and will determine your final payout. Gentleman has just put to me that question, of which I was not aware.

All Commons debates on 4 May I understand that the Harworth colliery dispute is the subject to be debated. Add 1 to each odds 0.

We are now about to consider a new paragraph to Sub-section 2 of the Clause which was introduced and inserted in the Bill in another place. It is, of course, provided under the Bill that, if any of these districts djjk dissatisfied with its allocation, it can take its disagreement to arbitration, that is to an independent arbitrator, who reviews all the circumstances, considers the position as between the Central Council and the district machinery and gives his decision.


Read a Second time. As regards the South Staffordshire territory, part of the argument has apparently proceeded on the assumption that there is some kind of stable output for consumption in this district.

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For full details visit mysociety. Members opposite are, in importing any element of the area of consumption into this question. Sign in Join Contact. Clarry, Sir Reginald Herbert, A. Motion made, and Question, “That this House doth agree with the Lords 0a the said Amendment,” put, and agreed to. I have partly replied to that in the observation I have just made that it is the duty of the central machinery to have regard to the jdk, which is the only possible basis for a proposal of this kind.

That proviso might render the whole of this Clause nugatory in the districts in regard to export coal.

Snowden, Thomas Accrington Law, A. Atholl, Duchess of Doland, G. George Clement Wilson, G. The Amendment in this form, assuming that the words “and provided for” were included, raises the whole Lancashire problem, which, of course, will create a perfectly impossible situation.

Moray and Nairn Salt, E.