Brief Description, Players take the roles of “Combat Group Commanders,” leading ad-hoc battle formations composed of multiple platoon-sized elements. Rules. It looks like there is a renewed interest in the SF Dirtside II set of miniatures rules especially that they are a free download. I thought I would post. Dirtside II and other 6mm scifi combat games has members. Group about scifi ground combat game Dirtside II from company Ground zero games.

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I like this a lot because not only does it force you to think tactically about which units to move when, you get a much closer feel to simultaneous movement. I also did lots of weapon and head swapping too. If you know of other resources for this game, please let us know by sending email to the editor. Clayton Randall December 22 at 8: In the move a box full of figures found its way to the store in the garage.

Out came the box. Next I worked on unit organisation. Combat is bloody and quick. Sections of this page. Jorge Ocegawa shared Vanguard Miniatures ‘s post.

The alternate platoon activation is quite nice, as are the morale rules.


Miniatures Rules: Dirtside II Science Fiction Miniatures Game

My old MBT was points. I never unfortunately came to terms with Games workshops alien cultures so my games remained strictly human and involved imperial troopers and marines against rebel troopers.

Danny Gurule dgurule jeppesen. Dick McGee shared a link.

Dirtside II combines all of this information in a simple, easy-to-understand process. At least that’s how it affected me. Vanguard Miniatures added 3 new photos.

With the end of the year coming up I’ve started a series of retrospective gallery posts on my blog, showcasing various painting project from the past twelve months. This game has a great system. The op-firing unit then loses its phase for that turn. I knew that abstract solutions were no longer possible.

Morale is easy and seems realistic. Each miniature represents an individual combatant. Join Group settings More. The rule set was Dirtside II and my problem was solved. Finally the Ground Zero Games figures became the Imperial guard grunts. Should I build a cheaper dirteide or go with a more expensive tank.

Dirtside II

KS fulfillment from Bradley Miniatures has arrived. I have to admit that DS2 is one damn good game. Matthew Levrier 10 hrs. I have played Sci-Fi didtside battles for years.

The rules could be used for any thing from WWII to the future. Todd Farnholtz December 24 at 3: Matthew Levrier December 27 at 7: That old interest in sc-fi lingered on however. It moves, shoots, does everything. Rico Danan December 26 at 3: The combat system includes factors such as the type of weapon you’re using, how big it is, what the range is, how big the enemy is and thus how easy they are to hityour targeting abilities, the enemy armor, and in the case of missiles and air combat the enemy’s defensive dirtsside.


Dirtside II and other 6mm scifi combat games Public group. One of the packs included some remarkable figs that I quickly earmarked for the naval marine and that was that. How many points is your basic battle taxi. With coming dirtzide a close I thought a retrospective of things I’ve painted over the past year might be in order. When first I read through the rules, I thought, “Oh no – they’re horribly complicated and difficult to understand.

Errata, questions and answers, and variant rules.