rule variants welcome to ground zero. Dirtside II WITH LASER AND CHAINSAW. FOR EMPIRE OR ANARCHY. Groundside combat in a far flung future. A group of us here in Victoria, BC, Canada who play Dirtside II regularly. Individually & collectively, we’ve come up with some house rules to. It looks like there is a renewed interest in the SF Dirtside II set of miniatures rules especially that they are a free download. I thought I would post.

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Dirtaide others, overhead surveillance is assumed and all units have to be in cover. It was just too much for me to get to grips with what seems skirmishing with nuclear weapons. Each miniature represents an individual combatant. A points system allows competing forces to be compared, and a vehicle design system allows players to add innovative vehicles.

Please Leave a Comment! I guarantee that most gamers spend twice as much times planning their games as actually in at the sharp end.

Now Mike I knew from way back in the days of wargaming with Airfix figures. Out came the box. As a result of some untimely wars in which real people die and sometimes are known personally or even friends, ddirtside ultra modern scene can start to cirtside uncomfortable.

Epic was tried and discarded. It moves, shoots, does everything. Probably one of the best sets for the money. Place “subscribe gzg-l” in the body of the message, and send it to majordomo csua. Anyway to cut a long story short, whilst visiting a wargames show rulles the UK I spotted a set of rules written by Jon Tuffley and Rukes Elliot. My armies were organised and equipped and the battles began.


My GW marines stayed in that role but were re organised into formal brigades. I knew that abstract solutions were no longer possible. That old interest in sc-fi lingered on however. They can move first and then fire or fire then move.

Ok people still died but it felt much more remote. I spent a bit on separate packs and mixed and matched. Therefore, the dlrtside is used: Vehicle design and costing can take a while – but that’s mainly because of the tradeoffs involved.

These rules represent these Observation Posts OPs on table, and introduce fog-of-war restrictions for both sides:.

Rules cover armor, infantry, artillery, combat walkers, and aerospace support forces. It can also be used as a standard interrupt fire opportunity. I have played Sci-Fi miniature battles for years.

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Dirtside II House Rules

The best approach I can think of goes like this: Golgotha sirtside just gotten underway when I realised I needed some rules for settling planetary combats so armed with a torch and a feather duster I attacked the spider ridden shelves in the corner of the garage, looking for that elusive box dirstide the rules sets that I just knew had to be there.

Keep rolling past the third confidence drop. Jon Tuffley jon gzero. The fate of planets would be settled by these tiny terrors.

Danny Gurule dgurule jeppesen. I like this a lot because not only does it force you to think tactically about which diryside to move when, you get a much closer feel to simultaneous movement.


The imperial guard became planetary defence forces. If you know of other resources for this game, please let us know by sending email to the editor. Includes a list of available products. This game has a great system.

Dirtside II –

I never unfortunately diryside to terms with Games workshops alien cultures so my games remained strictly human and involved imperial troopers and marines against rebel troopers. All defending units have two alternate fighting positions marked on the map prior to deployment. Bigger vehicles can have heavier armor and bigger guns, but they’re more expensive and easier to hit.

Basically the route that Golgotha would take. The “fast play” combat system is chartless. This vehicle holds the remote piloting and targetting links, dirtsidr systems, etc. I have been a life long wargamermainly historical with minor flights into fantasy many years ago.

First I needed a set of rules that would give a satisfying result without feeling like a souped up ultra modern set. It can see the enemy. Then came tiny tanks and troopers to fight alongside the titans and suddenly I was playing 6mm armoured games again albeit in a fantasy world.

The rules were fasteasy to understand and had sheer sense of elegance that in have seldom found in commercial rule ruls.