This Teleplay is the sole property of Showtime Pictures Development Company. No portion may ON DEXTER, watching the girl jump in to swim with the boys. “The British Invasion” is the twelfth episode and finale of the second season, and twenty-fourth She described Cerone as “incredibly understanding” when she asked him to write the teleplay himself, though they had both worked on the. “The Getaway” is the fourth season finale of the American television drama series Dexter, and The teleplay was written by Wendy West and Melissa Rosenberg, based on a story by Rosenberg and Scott Reynolds. Directed by Steve Shill.

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Dexter attacks and knocks out Arthur, and realizes the envelope is filled with cash. When Dexter realizes they are missing and goes to confront Lila, she lights another fire and locks the three of them inside her apartment.

Lundy ‘s task force determines Doakes’s location, teleplag Dexter has to race his colleagues to reach the cabin first. Evelyn Vogel, an old family friend, and is reunited with Hannah; Deb suffers the consequences of loving her brother despite everything; Masuka learns he has a daughter. Awards and nominations Soundtrack.

Retrieved 12 March Tolliver as Uniform Cop Stephanie Y.

The Getaway

Debra and Angel are awarded for their work on the Bay Harbor Butcher case. Dexter grieves his loss and tries to stay one step ahead of a suspicious Quinn and his own sister, while reluctantly guiding a near-victim Julia Stiles of a serial killer who sets out to get lethal revenge. Instead, Debra says she believes the Ice Truck Killer used her to get to him, and she reasserts how much she loves her foster brother.

Having learned the truth about Dexter ‘s identity, Arthur warns Dexter to leave him alone. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Doakes’s death, according to Dexter ‘ s writers, was premeditated from the show’s pilot episode because the character was “too good to not kill”. Executive Producer Sara Colleton said it was difficult to kill off a long-standing character, but they felt “this is where Dexter needed to be taken”.


The episode received critical acclaim and has been cited by many critics as one of the best in the series, with several commentators calling the twist ending shocking, unexpected and likely to change the direction of the entire series. He attacks the driver and is detained by the police. When he arrives, he discovers that it has been destroyed and initially believes it to be a miracle. Retrieved December 14, Lithgow called Rita’s death a “fantastic choice”, which he said shed a completely different light on the final scene between Dexter and Arthur, which appears to be somewhat sympathetic before the audience learned what Arthur had done.

He said he particularly enjoyed working with Michael C. His stubborn need to kill Trinity himself wound up circumventing the entire justice system, which would have wound up catching Arthur based solely on Deb’s tenacity and expert detective work. Dexter tries to sabotage his department’s investigation into his killings and hooks up with an obsessed pyromaniac; traumatized Debra dates the FBI agent assigned to the case; Rita urges Dexter to join a treatment program for addicts.

TV Guide’s Top Episodes”. The informant reveals the woman’s name was Laura Moserand while researching her, Debra learns she was the biological mother of both Dexter and Brian.

Daniel Cerone Melissa Rosenberg. With all teleplya the evidence pointing to Doakes as the Bay Harbor Butcher, the case is closed. Lithgow also said he enjoyed their final scene together, including the moment where he realized his daughter had committed suicide: Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series. Perhaps he’ll slam shut every door he’s opened in terms of his emotional human self.

She said, “It was a tough meeting.

Awards and nominations Soundtrack. Hall and John Lithgow Documentary. Tucker praised the Dexter writing staff, “for maintaining the suspense while creating a whole new world within the Dexter world: However, Lila sympathizes with Dexter for having to hide such an enormous secret, and refuses to free Doakes. Retrieved from ” https: He felt cheated, however, that Dexter was not forced to decide whether to kill Doakes, and was disappointed that Lila’s character primarily served as a plot device.


Retrieved December 20, But my God, what a stunner. In a bizarre way, it felt like a scene from Defending Your Life. The episode’s title refers to the influx of British rock ‘n’ roll bands to the US in the s.

The Getaway (Dexter) – Wikipedia

They were in the process of developing the story, however, when Rosenberg was hired to write the film adaptation of the novel Twilight. Phillips claimed the Dexter staff did not know how the finale would conclude until late in the season, but Phillips said Rita’s death began to feel inevitable as the story evolved.

Series Movies Sports Documentaries Comedy. Retrieved from ” https: Ddxter Sitdown with Michael C. Archived from the original on June 5, I would bet that when we all saw the final scene of the season finale that we, simply due to the time we’ve spent the characters over four years, felt a ton of emotions that we might not have even known were there.

LaGuertagrieving the loss of her former partner, is in denial over Doakes’ incrimination and tries to collect donations for his memorial service. We could have chalked it up to the fact that Arthur was accepting his own death, but Dexter’s furrowed brow let us know teleply something more sinister was in play here.