Good Natured is a book by primatologist Frans de Waal on animal behavior and the evolution of ethics. Contents. 1 Publishing history; 2 Notes; 3 References. World famous for his brilliant descriptions of Machiavellian power plays among chimpanzees-the nastier side of animal life–Frans de Waal here contends that. Good Natured has ratings and 25 reviews. Bryn said: If Explore further, but drop your anchor in Frans de Waal, that’s my philosophy. And if you’re like me.

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There is no claim that chimpanzees have a moral antured similar to ours, but it is possible to see how moral systems might have emerged from some of these basic elements.

To observe a dog’s guilty look. That this is already happening—albeit largely at a theoretical level—is evident from recent books by, among others, Richard D. This is why dogs care about pleasing their people and cats don’t.

Not only does this tighten up the terms of the debate as did ape language research for linguisticsbut ironically it injects a special kind of humanism that recognises the origins of our moral failings as well as our successes. Another book tempered that view for me: They also reward good behavior by elevating the status of individuals who do good things – and all primates including humans are acutely conscious of status.

Remember, even the dominant individual depends on the subordinates for his or her survival. The Sociopath Next Door. SnyderShane J. Nov 16, Craig rated it it was amazing. Is there hope for a better human world in the models of more primitive ones? From another perspective, the book is a counter-argument to the viewpoint that seemingly ethical or altruistic behavior in animals perhaps including humans are explained by the simple pairing of stimulus and response that happen “Good Natured” is easily among the top three nonfiction books I’ve read.


What elements of our personalities and social structures exist elsewhere in the animal kingdom? World famous for naturdd brilliant descriptions of Machiavellian power plays among chimpanzees-the nastier side of animal life–Frans natred Waal here contends that animals have a nice side as well. While morality has taken the form of abstract reasoning among humans, de Waal argues that the roots of morality lie with emotion rather than reason.

Good Natured — Frans B. M. de Waal | Harvard University Press

Much of the book details observations of primate behavior, especially that of chimpanzees and bonobos. Return to Book Page. Mar 07, Denise rated it really liked it. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Jan 10, Bryn Hammond rated it it was amazing Shelves: And he always illustrates his theories with examples and hood which may account for his ability to avoid “painting with a broad brush.

Second, members of the species must be able to distinguish among individuals of their species and remember past actions of each individual which is really two requirements. Do animals show behavior that parallels the benevolence as well as the rules and regulations of human moral conduct?

The mother turned and screamed at the other monkey who made himself scarce with all due haste. Some years ago, my cousin and I watched snow monkeys at an outdoor enclosure at the Minneapolis Zoo.

However, de Waal makes an important distinction between the evolutionary cause of a behavior’s persistence and the psychological motivation for an organism acting as it does. The goox, a biologist, backs this up with much research on primates, and especially chimpanzees, our closest relatives. It really makes you believe with reason! goood


Good Natured – F. B. M. de Waal, Frans de Waal – Google Books

At their best, dominant chimps act as impartial arbitrators of disputes between other chimpanzees and ce break up fights that are detrimental to the group. On some biological origins of morality. Through his eyes, we see how not just primates but all kinds of animals, from marine mammals to dogs, respond to social rules, help each other, share food, resolve conflict to mutual satisfaction, even develop a crude sense of justice and fairness. References to this book The Handicap Principle: Aug 02, Dev Scott Flores added it.

A look at primate behavior from the point of view of the origins of human morality. Might there he a code of ethics in the animal re There’s something deeply humane about the way De Waal writes and thinks about animals.

Some folks find it depressing to imagine generosity and love as somehow biologically based, but I think its pretty darn interesting.

Good Natured: The Origins of Right and Wrong in Humans and Other Animals

Did the mischievous monkey really plan a sneak attack on the mother? Fascinating Excellent research and presentation. The view advanced in this book is that our system of morals actually draws on deep-seated social instincts developed over millions of years of evolution culminating xe the primates, and specifically us.

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