The Holzapfel Group plates zinc-nickel according to the following standards: VW TL , DBL , Opel GME , GMW , BMW GS and DIN. The Holzapfel Group plates zinc iron according to the following standards: VW TL , DBL , BMW G , GME , GMW , DIN Zinc-iron. specification DBL 17 which details that a 10 to 15 micron deposit should provide NSS. 9 protection of hours with no zinc and hours with no red.

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Zn-Fe (Zinc-Iron)

Page 5 DBL As ofit is therefore necessary for these types of systems to be delivered chromium VI -free in accordance with this DBL, without the functional properties of the components being impaired by it or altered in any way. If in Tables 2 to 4 the values are given in parenthesis e. Care shall be taken to ensure that uncoated surface areas do not exhibit any deposits, corrosion products or any other residue formation.

Any changes to the production coating process, which – subject to state-of-the-art technology – may exert an influence on the properties of the base material or the coating, shall be notified to DaimlerChrysler immediately and without further request.

Top coats or subsequent paintwork with higher layer thickness shall not be used as sealings. Refer to DINSection 4. Reference to DBL omitted?

Zinc-iron black blackcor Learn more. Page 6 DBL Page 11 DBL This also applies if the component strength exceeds this value in some areas only. If necessary, this process shall be counteracted by increasing the electrodeposited layer thickness. Zinc-nickel platings are normally used if the traditional zinc-plating process is insufficient, due to high temperatures or aggressive environmental conditions.

88451 This in turn causes some of the metallic coating to be dissolved, and a chromate coating is formed consisting of the various chemical constituents in the coating and the chromating solution ingredients. Damage to the coating through improper handling of the parts after electroplating, e. Systems specially designed for your component.


Page 2 DBL Page 14 DBL For this reason, alongside the corrosion protection, attention shall also be paid to any possible changes in surface-specific functional properties in comparison to coatings containing Cr VI. Measures shall be derived from this, which serve to reliably minimize the quantity of hydrogen ingressing into the material during the process, and which enable a regular periodic examination of the efficiency of such measures.

Zinc-Nickel (Zn-Ni) Plating: process and advantages

General reference values for heat treatments for hydrogen effusion When coating components that are potentially subject to hydrogen embrittlement it is also expected that in addition to the measures specified above, additional preloading tests are performed to document the reliable uncritical process cycle. May 3 3. No chipping and blistering of the coat is allowed.

The Holzapfel Group plates zinc iron according to the following standards: These types of coatings have been specified since with substrates made of pure zinc and since with base coatings made of zinc-nickel in DBL and standardized since in DIN However currently there are no specifications which ensure that such layers do not contain additives with Cr VI content.

More processes and coatings.

Dhl nickel Learn more. Pickling Polishing, mechanical Sand blasting. Individual process intervention limits as well as the frequency of monitoring and analysis procedures shall be defined.

In comparison with traditional zinc surfaces, the corrosion protection is clearly improved, even when the platings are thin. In addition to this, the coater is expected to assess the process in detail FMEA with regard to all sub-stages, in which hydrogen could ingress into the material structure.

Chrome Copper Chrome plating gloss, semi-matt Eloxal. Requirement for concrete indication of substance of passivating and sealing agents used by the supplier in the ISIR? Ebl uniform appearance of the surface shall also be provided in a passivated and, where applicable, sealed condition. Coating systems Learn more. Zinc-nickel flexible fleXXcor Zinc-iron black blackcor.


Pure zinc coatings, and high-alloy zinc-alloy 84511 ZnNi are used for metallic base coatings. Anodised Individual Learn more. Production, joining and surface-treatment methods shall be executed such that any damage through delayed hydrogen-induced brittle fracture can be ruled out with a high degree of certainty. These product versions may therefore only be used where the prohibition of Cr VI -compounds in corrosion protection coatings xbl not of relevance to the selected components see hereto also the notes in Section 1 of this DBL.

An Overview Of The Coating Standards Metallveredlung Kotsch GmbH Can Adhere To

From anti-corrosion surfaces to innovative processes in minimised variations – learn more about our wide range of products. Technical Special Nickel Plating Learn more. The Holzapfel Group plates zinc-nickel according dbbl the following standards: This should serve to ensure that for these systems too, the changeover to Cr VI -free should be possible without any need to change the drawing. Chrome plating gloss, semi-matt Learn more. All parts shall be delivered without corrosion products.

When storing parts until they are required for further processing or assembly, preservation or special storage conditions may be required. Vogel Stuttgart Department: Here, it is irrelevant whether material 8541 Cr VI was used during the production process or not.

For this reason the Cr VI -free product versions contained in the following table, which shall comply with these statutory requirements, are marked specially with the supplement Cr VI -free. Our intention is to maintain this type of documentation in accordance with DIN