Henry Wadsworth Longfellow () was one of the greatest American Poets of the 19th Century. Born in Portland, marine in Daybreak. by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. A wind came up out of the sea, And said, O mists, make room for me. It hailed the ships, and cried, Sail on. The fifth poem in the Class XI WBCHSE English B syllabus is ‘Daybreak’ written by the internationally popular American poet Henry Wadsworth.

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The wind shouted through the belfry tower and awoke the bell to proclaim the hour. Wadswortn light of the sun is the source of life to plants of the field. It also tells the wood birds to wake up and starts singing. Your clarion blow; the day is near.

Could you give explanation of class 6 poems? It shouted through the belfry-tower. Hang all your leafy banners out!

Home What Is A Perspective? Unknown November 12, at 7: Nine Rhyming Couplets – Analysis: Longfellow, in this poem, writes about a gust of Wind who, early in the morning, wakes everyone up. The poem is very lyrical in nature ‘Lyrical’ has been used only as an adjective here and this poem is not grammatically a ‘Lyric’.


By using this couplet poet explores the real sense of time and he is telling that the time is now so grab your opportunity.

With a full determination voice, poet explores the second last stanza that the high time consideration is now. The touch of the wind makes everything leaving and active.


I had confusion regarding the last couplet. He was blind to the sufferings of his children. There is a remarkable use of exclamatory mark!

And said, “O bird, awake and sing. The rhyme scheme of the poem is AABB and it is a melodic couplet with musical element. The poet gives us an imagery of wind. In literature theme is a blueprint of the work. It awakens the wood-bird possibly a Wood thrush,owing to the fact hat is found in North America and is reported to have one of the sweetest vocalisations among birds. And said, “Not yet! Titas Biswas October 23, at 1: The last couplet is a legendary touch and transforms the entire mood of the poem.

dipankarsadhukhan: Substance of the poem Daybreak by H W Longfellow

byy The entire poem follows the journey of the wind, wherein it first begins from the sea and throughout the journey speaks,whispers,shouts and screams to several other entities. It went on and called to the mariners to wake up, hailing the arrival of dawn. Thank you for the analysis. It, next, turned to the forest. Click to get your copy of ‘The Big Question Manifesto’! Newer Post Older Post Home. Actual aspect of life and ultimate glory s here with this last couplet and also the whole phrase is with the wind arrives at the graveyard lngfellow the church but here the message of wind is changed.


Titas Biswas April 24, at 8: Timir December 1, at It woke up, one by one, the land, the waters, the birds and the trees. By the words proclaim the hour is simply shows the high time. It crossed the churchyard with a sigh.

Courtship of Miles Standish : and other poems / Henry Wadsworth Longfellow [electronic text]

This wadxworth a good one. In either way, let us know what you think, in the comment section. Here, we comes with another lines that makes very much impact to see how to go far to the active the glory that one can think of it and dream for it to became.