Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only once a year. Daya Satakam re this versatality of his. Sri Ramaswamy Ayyangar has fully brought and described the fundamental truths, the pow ideas and the lyrical beauties. Sri Vedanta Desikar Daya Satakam. By R. Vedavalli. • 1 song. Play on Spotify. 1. Sri Vedanta Desikar Daya Satakam.

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I desire to live have my residence on the sides slopes of Vrishagiri Tirumala Hillthe famous waterfalls of which reveal and demonstrate to us your own flow. Paraasam mukhan vande Bhageerata naye stitaan Kamalaakanta Kaarunya Gangaaplavita satqkam n To the great Rishis like Parasara, I offer my salutations. Some people build forts -and ramparts for their safety and live within them.

With her help we are sure of crossing that ocean. At the same time his Eeswaratvam is also there. Those who have seen processions of the Lords in Tei lave noticed how ; the Lord is preceded by several paraphei followed by others.

Sri Vedanta Desikar Daya Satakam by R. Vedavalli on Spotify

Then the three rtquisites of a satakak and upright judge are indicated. In the second decad the ati- bhogyabhava or high degree of enjoyability was enjoyed.

There is a peculiar aptness in the reference to the Lord’s a as Vrisha-Saila here. The previous sloka dealt with His Divya Mangala Vigraha. His anger aatakam fierce during those times. In this world, people fear those, who have no KaruNai. The third decad thus winds up with a prayer to Daya to take us to the Feet of the Lord. These Bhagavath Saasthrams arose because of Your command and eulogizes Your glories.


As in sloka 18 ante.

However long one enjoys Him, He is insatiable and appears in newer and newer forms. The answer is furnished by the words ” tvat-sveekaaraat kritinaha “-those blessed by your adoption of them as your choser favourites.

Akrishtapachyam is crops for which one has not toiled. That hand of Your Lord hasmany glories. The structure of the sloka is such that it talks of the Lord anger becoming a slave to Daya, not of Daya making that anger to servant.

What ii capable of being enjoyed by such groups is given to be enjoyec here iha by the denizens of this world. One lights the lamp after adding the oil and placing the wick.

She does not know what punishment and is therefore uniformly and invariably productive of anugn or. This term has also been taken to mean a ‘ measure. There are many water falls in Thirumalaa and when adiyEn looks at them, it makes me wonder, whether their abundant flow is due to the flood of mercy that you represent.

Another meaning, i permissible, will also be very apt. He like us was anakinchanan. Daya react to sins in diametrically opposite ways. Lord recognizes them as His enemies and wishes to destroy them by every means. Then regularly Kumna and Daya have ilternate slofcas. No one other than Bhagavaan can protect this world.

The acharyas are hei enjoyed as the overflow channels- carrying the surplus water whic is the Daya of the Lord. There can be no crop without cultivatioi In ths pursuit of all other upayas or means for moksha, the aspirar is the cultivator or toiler.

Ascent of the Hill was a very difficult and laborious process. Srinivasa alone is the able protec of all the worlds.

Daya Satakam Of Vedanta Desika

They were the first 1 postulate the potency of Divine Mercy to which alone theylooke DAYAA SATAKAM up, rejecting all other forms atid aids prescribed for God-realisal Their great service to humanity lies in their rendering the mean of the Vedas into the Tamil language and thereby making “V knowledge the most relevant portion of it available to one all, irrespective of the caste, creed or “sex differences which go and regulate the study of those Vedas.


It was said in the previous sloka that the angry mood of the Lord which was responsible for the pralaya was changed into a favourable and benevolent mood in order to bring about creation and protection. Just as the ordinary mother feeds her babes her breast milk, Lakshmi the Divine Consort of the Lord s everyone with the milk of knowledge.

Though the sea may rough and hot at times owing to currents and tides, its essent nature is coolness. On them, You confer all types of SoubhAgyams and Mahaa-aiswaryams publicly.

So one has to draw a blank here al So, what is left but to pardon? It is only when those other qualities act as handmaids to Daya Devi, as described in the llth sloka, we feel we are safe, and praise the Lord as a gunavaan, a good-natured person. When Your Lord recognizes that He can not win over the fierce sins of the chEthanams, He is overcome with sorrow.

Out of them Desika speaks of gnana as going before ] and the other five as following in her wake. The satxkam phala-vitarana-daksham refer to these aspects. They are freed from the fatigue of experiencing sukhams dayq dukkhams as before.

Your Sahakam is the principal judge to listen to the hearings in my case.