Iyanden is an Eldar Craftworld. Once the most populated and largest of the Craftworlds, it is now on the brink of extinction after being invaded by Hive Fleet. This article is about the Chaos invasion; for the Tyranid invasion of Iyanden, see The Battle of Iyanden was a major Chaos invasion of the Eldar Craftworld of. Background: Iyanden is an Eldar Craftworld, the greatest worldship of the Eldar empire that was.

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Iyanden lost yet another ally when the Ybaric Iyajden Exodites became isolated by a Warp Stormand attempts to investigate their fate by Iyanden resulted in none of the scouts returning. The Eldritch Raiders arrived as another wave was closing in. If even one of those warheads stuck home, the damage would be incalculable.

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When the news of this decision reached Iyanden’s populace, there was uproar; Eldar of all ranks and Paths flooded to the Place of Craftworod to voice their horrified crafwtorld. Yriel was outraged at being questioned so.

They spoke of how Yriel could feel the hand of death upon his shoulder, and that this constant reminder drove him to seek a lasting legacy for his people before death claimed him.

Iyanden’s world-rune, representing the shrine and flame of Asuryanis sometimes worn upon the breast of its warriors as a symbol of renewed hope for their people’s fate.

Yriel believed that it was Iyanden’s destiny to reclaim the stars, and moreover, that he crafwtorld be the architect of its rise.

Here and there, explosions lit the darkness as the incoming warheads were struck and punched into clouds of shrapnel and vapour.

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The damage to the Craftworld itself was far worse. At first, the living sought to reclaim the ghost halls, but they soon abandoned the attempt. This included the pride of his fleet, the Hades-class Heavy Cruiser Deathless Reaverwhose Warp engines had been breached early in the battle by a pinpoint craftworldd from Yriel’s flagship, Flame of Asuryan.


But it was too late, far too late Driven by pride, Iyanden resolved to rebuild, not the Eldar empire of old, for that was long lost to them, but a new realm from which they would one day rule the galaxy once again.

Alas, each effort came to naught. When Iyanden’s Council discovered that he had come to deliver a warning, their manner cooled further. Many light years distant, Yriel experienced Kelmon’s contact as a waking dream, filled with darkness and emotion. Alas, none ever returned, and the Seer Council of Iyanden reluctantly gave up their Exodite allies for lost until such time as the Warp Storms abated.

M41, another invasion of Iyanden, this time by Waaagh! Wraithlords and Wraithguard advanced upon the palace’s gates, nigh-impervious to the Heavy Stubber and Autocannon fire that hammered into them.

Greater woes befell Iyanden when Warp storms by sending expeditions to the cluster through the Webway.

Angered by his losses, but powerless to carry the fight to an enemy whose base of operations was unknown, Kallorax sought ways to “motivate” his minions. Yriel and Iyanna cared not — the threat to Iyanden had been vanquished. At first, Taec Silvereye feared that Iyanden had cractworld deliberately ambushed, but then quickly deemed that the Orks would have been unable to guide their monstrous vessel with sufficient precision.

Even ghost warriors are not immune to the psychic feedback from such a weapon, and many Eldar assume that the legendary fury of Wraithblades is as much brought about by the malice contained in their weaponry as their own immortal anger.

Craftworld Iyanden

Iyanden’s people cared little as their last surviving ally parted ways, for they were now all but blind to anything save their own rising greatness. Then the Flame’s sensors detected a torpedo launch from the Cruiserand everything changed. crafgworld

Every small censure Kelmon could devise was thwarted, for the common people of Iyanden were ill-inclined to follow the counsel of cooler heads whilst Yriel iyxnden to know such success. It would be less than a year before Eldrad’s shadowy predictions would emerge into terrifying reality and, as time passed, Iyanden slowly began to reach out into the stars once more.


Kelmon had encountered this voice more than a century ago, during Iyanden’s desperate defence of the Ybaric Cluster. No longer were the ghost warriors able to rest, for their strength and skills were needed to rebuild and defend the Craftworld.

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Just spitballing, but I’m gonna guess eldar as a whole will get 8 different -chapter- rules. Kallorax now directed his cabal of Sorcerers to divine the location of the Eldar base. They took no pleasure in their victories, seeing them merely as the righteous eradication of vermin, growing ever more bitter each time they encountered a world in need of cleansing. Guardian fought side by side with ghost warrior, the living generation battling alongside those long-dead as the Eldar gave everything they had.

Yriel’s forces breached the hangar bays easily enough but, once inside, the Aspect Warrior vanguard were cut apart by a storm of craftwrld fire. This is not a Craftworld that will go down at the first punch. By risking the destruction of the Craftworld’s spirit stones, Iyanden risked the obliteration of its culture and racial memory, but all knew that just one ghost warrior could make the difference between victory and defeat.

Too many errors of judgement, he craftwold, lay craftorld the path behind him. The Tyranids iyandem as never before, but still Kelmon remained hidden in the Chambers of Starlight. They shared with them the discoveries of the spirit stone and infinity circuit, and bade them join in their great work.