Cracks [Sheila Kohler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Talk with Sheila Kohler, author of Cracks and One Girl Zoland: In Cracks there is . A group of South African women who were all members of a boarding-school swimming team revisit a shared and haunted past in Kohler’s polished, compact. Official Trailer for Cracks. The director is Jordan Scott, and Ridley and Tony Scott are the executive producers on the film. Rosalie Swedlin, Christine Vachan.

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Usually the way things work when a movie is based on the book is that the movie a lot of the time winds up falling flat when compared to its original source. Goodreads helps you keep track of kohleer you want to read.

The ending brought down five stars to four, and maybe less. Of course, the place, and parts of the characters, are real, but the plot or story is invented. Much of our time was devoted to doing sport to combat sexual urges, I presume, or anyway to teach us team spirit.

They’re glorifying rape and cravks. In the book, you see a villain, in the movie you see a complicated, troubled woman sjeila played by the lovely Eva Green who you are both repulsed and enchanted by before you find out how disturbing and pretty much bat shit crazy she is. However, the political realities of the country were not really something I knew about in sufficient detail to write about as such. While it’s impossible not to sympathize with her considering what happens, you get to see more of Fiamma’s essence in the movie.

I would definitely recommend this book.

The movie did a better job of forming Miss G than crackw book did, and I think that’s largely because the movie is told through different eyes. You get to see how these girls fall in love with her hell, at the beginning I think even I was in love with heryou get to see the depth of her villianness, but you also get a multi-faceted character who while equally mysterious in both the film and the book, is also someone kkhler is endlessly fascinating to analyze now a disclaimer in which I say that her infatuation and subsequent behavior in regards to Fiamma was disgusting and I don’t condone anything she did in either the book or the movie.



Please read it so we can discuss it at length! I really loved it and felt it was a very well-thought out and haunting story that has a nice dash of creepiness. Beautifully written – incredibly scary and cracjs. However, I quest 1. Fiamma, the wealthy and beautiful new student, is from Spain and has a tragic, scandalous past.

Aside from Fiamma and Miss G there really aren’t any other characters that are singled out. Even though these girls were so together and acted as a group in many ways, they were all hurting so much by being apart from their families.

Cracks by Sheila Kohler

And I was positive that the book version of Miss G couldn’t come close to Eva Green’s charismatic, psychotic portrayal. What’s the Name o Furthermore, all of the girls experiment sexually with each other, touching each other and running around naked.

Cracksthe book, takes place in South Africa and alternates between two time periods: References to this book Somewhere in the double rainbow: I dunno, maybe I would have been more engrossed by the story if I hadn’t known what happened to Fiamma already, thanks to the movie but those who have seen the movie will still be surprised – the circumstances of Fiamma’s death differ greatly in the book.

The poems are horrible! It is a fascinating character study, it’s dark, and it sucked me into a world where even though horrible things happen, I felt I could understand how they did so perfectly. The only problem that I had, which I thankfully got over, was the author put herself as one of the girls. The charismatic and enigmatic Miss G, portrayed by Eva Green, is a virtual agoraphobic who has deceived her adoring students into believing that she is an intrepid world traveller, her lies are exposed by Fiamma who is able to verbatim finish her monologue, because it was stolen from the memoirs of a famous woman adventurer.

Aug 29, Katie rated it really liked it Shelves: Dragging, disappointing and all in all boring. Which, fine, but it doesn’t make them any more painful to read. Thanks for telling us about the problem. South African novel about a school reunion and a bullied girl.

My friend pointed out that it was to tell the story from her point sheilla view. But she was a damn intriguing character. It was suspenseful and I was captivated. So, if you’re given the choice as to read Cracks or watch Cracks, pick the film every single time. Thirteen of the girls are chosen by Miss G to be on the swim team, including beautiful new-girl Fiamma, who keeps her dista Hmm, this was good Why would you choose to shdila a character after yourself, particularly in such a dark book?


I was surprised by the cause of Fiamma’s death.

I found this little pager really moving. After reading the chilling Moth Diaries, whose events are retold by an untrustworthy narrator fearing that her best friend is in the thrall of a new student that she believes to be a vampire, and seeing the disappointing adaptation directed by the brilliant Mary Harron, I put Cracks on my netflix queue.

Honestly, that fact was only exhumed accidentally while perusing an online library catalog that thematically linked the novel with Picnic at Hanging Rock.

The education we received in a girl’s boarding school in the middle of the veld, was much like the one I describe in “Cracks,” We read nineteenth century literature exclusively, and our history lessons stopped before the first world war, which was considered too recent to be taught. I threw it across the room in disgust no fewer than three times.

And Movie Miss G is much more nuanced, revealing insecurities and mental instability beneath her carefully-crafted facade the movie does a very clever thing where Miss G’s hair, makeup, and clothing gradually become more messy and unpolished over the course of the movie as she unravels.

A clever way to describe the distinction between the fascination of the unknown outsider foreigner and how that fascination disappears once the the outsider becomes more familiar or integrates and becomes no different to everyone else.

As a teenager, she enrolls in an isolated school with other girls her age but has little in common with them, and with the aid of a favored but abusive teacher, the situation degenerates into bullying and finally tragedy.

Cracks the movie

So skip ahead to the more in-depth one I wrote a semi-long review as to why Cracks was just so utterly underwhelming You grew up in South Africa. One of the swimming team members in the book is named Sheila Kohler and is a writer. I knew the book shheila the movie were different; I just wasn’t prepared for how different.