Hello everyone! I am generally very proficient in Solidworks and have little trouble figuring out how to accomplish what I need done, but this has. COSMOSWorks Professional. Finite Element Analysis with COSMOSWorks Paul M. Kurowski Ph.D., SDC. Schroff Development Corporation. SDC Publications: Online Resources for Engineering Analysis with COSMOSWorks ().

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To get the most out of the simulation, some questions should be addressed beforerunning the analysis:.

cossmosworks Because each simulation can have tens of thousands of time steps, itmakes sense only to save the important ones. You can cut more time from analysis runs by performing a first pass.

New additive manufacturing systems for volume production with repeatable results. In illustration, think of a toy airplane crashing nose first onto the floor.

In addition, these simulations assume that the flooror other impact surface is infinitely stiff compared with the dropped object. For the user, running drop tests looks and feels just like doing any other COSMOSWorksanalysis; setting up a drop test is cowmosworks like setting up any other study.

Results 1 to 2 of cosmoswprks. The initial release of drop test capabilities in COSMOSWorks does not supportinteractions or contact between components within an assembly after impact, orimpact between two objects.

Figures 9 and Please send any technical comments or questions to our webmaster. Chief Architect has been around for more than 10 years and has earned a solid reputation among its target group. Does altering the tolerances of restraints in the correct manner allow for this type of result? Linearproblems that have slowly varying loads with no dynamic component are more cost-effectiveor faster to solve with implicit methods.


With all of this capability, the program is surprisingly easy to learn and use. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited. Because each simulation can have tens ofthousands of time steps, it makes sense only to save the important ones ratherthan wasting computer resources on the entire series see Figure 7.

Below is a screenshot of a similar axle. Run the study or selected design scenarios. Is there a way to create a restraint in CW that will allow the entire shaft to bend as it would in real life? Designing occupant friendly interiors that meet requirements in both safety and style, necessitates the extensive Containers that carry hazardous materials, for example, have differentdesign requirements to account for being dropped in different orientations.

Solid Works vs Creo It employs the finite element method for performing FEA finite element analysis. Users can define material properties, loads, and restraints in any order, but they all must be defined before running a study.

Once this is accomplished, the same technique can be used to model new shafts in the future and analyze them before producing anything physical.

COSMOSWorks 2005

For example, they can compare the maximum stresses with allowable values for predicting material failure. The total duration dependson how much time elapses before the object experiences all the likely impact stressit ccosmosworks undergo after it bounces. On one hand, this version simplifies several of the analysis processes for newer users. Solution time after impact is measured in microseconds. What is mechanical cad?

I think my problem occurs when I try to apply a restraint.

CosmosWorks Shaft Analysis

Real-life problems generally can be solved using either approach, but dependingon the nature comsosworks the problem, one method will be faster than the other. Specify Drop Height and Floor Orientation. The default angle of theflooror other surface onto which the object drops is normal to gravity. As for industry use, Solidworks is becoming more widely used than creo because creo is too expensive and is more cumbersome when it comes to doing Problems with gross nonlinear behavior that requires a constant updateto the stiffness matrix are also more economical to solve with explicit methods.


This test helps users design products that survive being dropped from a specified height or impacting a planar surface at a specified velocity.

By itself the drop test study won’t automatically predict if a model will break or how components might separate on impact. Can you upload a pic of the results and a pic of the failure for comparison? Although experienced COSMOSWorks users will find the steps involved in runningdrop tests familiar, the technology behind them is more complex than it looks. It simulates the working conditions of SolidWorks models and predicts their physical behavior.

The goal is to model the old, unreliable shaft as well as the new design which does not break and find a reliable stress plot which indicates the location of the break.

Japazo, So, you have a radial load on the green surfaces and a bearing constraint on the blue? Mesh the model divide it into small elements for analysis. COSMOSWorks drop test simulations also support plasticity, so that design engineerscan determine such permanent deformations as dents after impact.