A) Convenzione internazionale di Torremolinos del 2 aprile sulla . A. 38) Convenzione delle Nazioni Unite aperta alla firma a Montego Bay il The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), also called the Law of the Location, Montego Bay, Jamaica. Effective, 16 November United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). (Montego Bay, 10 December ). PREAMBLE. PART I. INTRODUCTION. Article 1. Use of terms.

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Institution of proceedings Article The right of hot pursuit shall apply mutatis mutandis to montegl in the exclusive economic zone or on the continental shelf, including safety zones around continental shelf installations, of the laws and regulations of the coastal State applicable in accordance with this Convention to the exclusive economic zone or the continental shelf, including such safety zones. Article78 Legal status of the superjacent waters and air space and the rights and freedoms of other States 1.

Article14 Combination of methods for determining baselines The coastal State may determine baselines in turn by any of the methods provided for in the foregoing articles to suit different conditions.

Delimitation of the exclusive economic zone between States with opposite or adjacent coasts Article It is not necessary that, at the time when the foreign ship within the territorial sea or the contiguous zone receives the order to stop, the ship giving the order should likewise be within the territorial sea or the contiguous zone. International waters Exclusive economic zone. This article does not entail any abridgement of the freedoms enjoyed by all States in the exclusive economic zone in accordance with article Article69 Right of land-locked States 1.


Article12 Roadsteads Roadsteads which are normally used for the loading, unloading and anchoring of ships, and which would otherwise be situated wholly or partly outside the outer limit of the territorial sea, are included in the territorial sea. The foregoing provision does not preclude the States concerned from obtaining technical or financial assistance from monteog States or international organizations in order to facilitate the exercise of the rights pursuant to articles 69 and 70, provided that it does not have the effect referred to in paragraph 1.

Article Cooperation of States bordering enclosed or semi-enclosed seas States bordering an enclosed or semi-enclosed sea should cooperate with each other in the exercise of their rights and in the performance of their duties under this Convention.

Reports and financial statements Article The coastal State should not stop or divert a foreign ship passing through the territorial convenzkone for the purpose of exercising civil jurisdiction in relation to a person on board the ship.

Application of the provisions of this Part Article Right of archipelagic sea lanes passage Article Immunity of warships on the high seas Article If no agreement can be reached within a reasonable period of time, the States concerned shall resort to the procedures provided for in Convenzzione XV.

monteto Promotion of marine scientific research Article Enforcement of decisions of the Chamber Article Article57 Breadth of the exclusive economic zone The exclusive economic zone shall not extend beyond nautical miles from the baselines from which the breadth of the territorial sea is measured.


Coordination of international programmes Article Article Retention or loss of the nationality of a pirate ship or aircraft A ship or aircraft may retain its nationality although it has become a pirate ship or aircraft.

Where hot pursuit is effected by an aircraft: Illicit traffic in narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances Article In addition, the decline of Socialism and the fall of Communism in the late s had removed much of the support for some of the more contentious Part XI provisions.

The high seas are open to all States, whether coastal or land-locked.

Convenzione di Montego Bay – testo inglese

From tothe United States accepted all but Part XI as customary international law, while attempting to establish an alternative regime for exploitation of the minerals of the convsnzione seabed.

Article Liability for seizure without adequate grounds Where the seizure of a ship or aircraft on suspicion of piracy has been effected without nay grounds, the State making the seizure shall be liable to the State the nationality of which is possessed by the ship or aircraft for any loss or damage caused by the seizure.

Existing agreements, traditional fishing rights and existing submarine cables Article In particular every State shall: Article42 Laws and regulations of States bordering straits relating to transit passage 1.

Disclosure convenzioone information Article The areas are as follows:. Application of procedures under this section Article