Samenvatting Adviesvaardigheden (Competent afstuderen en stagelopen) Blok 12 BKMER Avans Hogeschool Breda. Competent afstuderen en stagelopen: een advieskundige by P M Kempen · Competent afstuderen en stagelopen: een advieskundige benadering. Buy Stage lopen voor beginners: competent afstuderen en stage lopen 01 by Jaap Blom, Hamid Çegerek (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store.

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It has introduced several brands to achieve this purpose. Another brand is directed at high-end customers who do not have budget constraints. One brand caters to the fashion-conscious customers who watch out for the latest trends in fashion. Yet another brand is meant to attract customers who value comfort over fashion. In this scenario, which of the following marketing strategies has Vatain employed? Multiple segment specialization Mass marketing Single-segment concentration Differentiated marketing 2.

Which of the following is a limitation of marketing-mix modeling? It is less effective at evaluating how different marketing elements work together.

It overlooks the importance of incremental growth. It is not capable of isolating the impact of specific marketing activities. It does not allow marketers to conduct multivariate analyses 4. After achieving a high growth rate and establishing itself as a market favorite, Eania introduces a clothing brand for adults. Archofan Associates, a firm that specializes in the sale of historical artifacts, comes into possession of an antique royal crown.

Competent afstuderen en stagelopen: een advieskundige benadering: : Books

It confirms the authenticity of the crown and holds an auction to sell it. Several interested buyers participate in the auction and quote their prices. The price of the crown is raised each time a person bids until Emily, a bidder, offers an exorbitant price that stahelopen other bidder is able to match. Archofan then sells the crown to Emily. Which of the following types of auctions does this scenario illustrate?

Which of the following scenarios illustrates the impact of political and legal forces on the marketing environment? After a shoe manufacturing company experiences an increase in demand for its products, it opens retail outlets in several locations. With the number of smartphone users on the rise, Taalia Cojpetent. The raise in the legal drinking age from 21 to 25 in Florida might force xompetent managers of alcohol companies to minimize their target market and reposition their offerings.

Lanase, a leading producer of aerated drinks, decides to introduce fruit juices and bottled water into the market. It therefore decides to introduce the products under the company brand name. Afwtuderen of the following is a likely consequence of the decision? Consumers will buy the products since the company name will be easily recognizable to them.

If the products do not perform well in the market, the company will afsyuderen be affected since it has not tied its reputation to the products. The development costs for future products will be extremely high.

Which of the following statements is true of consumer markets? The buyers in consumer markets are geographically concentrated. In consumer markets, purchasing is often executed through intermediaries. In consumer markets, sales are finalized after multiple sales calls. The suppliers in consumer markets customize their products to suit the needs of consumers.


Viva Astuderen, a restaurant, has received numerous complaints from customers about its slow service and unfriendly waiters.

Samenvatting: Competent afstuderen en stagelopen

The management of the restaurant needs to address these complaints promptly and ensure that similar complaints do not arise in the future. Which of the following practices will help the restaurant restore customer goodwill? The first model is an expensive luxury car targeted at high-income groups, whereas the second model is an affordable car targeted at low-income groups.

Through the introduction of these two models, Rotego intends to present itself as a company competnt caters to people across all income groups. In this scenario, which of the following types of market segmentation does Rotego employ?

Psychographic segmentation Demographic segmentation Geographic segmentation Behavioral afdtuderen Which of the following scenarios illustrates market-penetration pricing? Aulaan, a newly established discount store, sells products at prices that are very low when compared to other stores.

After a comletent months, it steadily reduces these prices. Bakers and Eaters, a confectionery company, offers high-quality chocolates at affordable rates.

Samenvatting: Competent afstuderen en stagelopen – Managementvaardigheden Bedrijfskundig – Stuvia

Ban World Hunger is a nonprofit organization that works to end world hunger. Competenr relies on donations and government grants for financial support. The management of Aurosa Inc. It sets a fixed low price for all the appliances offered in the store and completely withdraws all promotion activities. This builds confidence in customers who dislike the uncertainty that comes with price fluctuations.

Which of the following pricing methods does this scenario illustrate? High-low pricing Going-rate pricing Auction-type pricing Everyday low pricing Tarow is a leading manufacturer of designer handbags. The company has stores all over the world and is especially famous for the high-quality leather used in its handbags.

However, the company soon realizes that a cheap liquor brand has been using its logo for the past six months.

Millennials are likely to be receptive to marketing efforts that: An advantage of a firm pursuing multiple segment specialization is that: Gallide is a warehouse retailer that conducts special in-store demonstrations of certain products.

This allows potential customers to see and feel the products for themselves and be convinced that the products are worth purchasing. The salespeople of the store receive a bonus if a customer buys the products after a demonstration. Which of the following is a likely reason that the store has adopted this approach for some of its products? Consumers know which brand they want to purchase before they enter the store. Consumers are inclined to make many of their brand choices only when they are at the store.

Consumers respond well to the use of product placement as an advertising technique. Consumers are brand-conscious and display high brand loyalty in certain product categories. Felicia, a marketing executive of Trinola Inc. She conducts a survey among students and classifies them into three groups: In this scenario, which of the following types of market segmentation does Felicia employ? Which of the following statements is true of social marketing programs?


They require an entirely different planning process from what is used for traditional products. They are complex and time consuming. They should be executed in a single phase. They usually use a single tactic to achieve their goals. It charges exorbitant prices for its dishes to communicate its exclusivity to customers. Over time, Mojo Marinade keeps reducing the prices of its dishes and attracts customers from different market segments.

Which of the following pricing objectives does this scenario illustrate? Maximum market skimming Product-quality leadership Partial cost recovery Maximum market share They are asked to aggressively sell the products and target as many potential customers as possible. In this scenario, which of the following strategies is being employed by the cosmetics store?

A pull strategy A push strategy Category extension Brand extension Which of the following marketing channel levels does Milk Genii use in this scenario?

A zero-level channel A three-level channel A one-level channel A two-level chann Latia is a popular fruit juice brand in the food and beverage market. Once the brand reaches the maturity stage of the product life-cycle, its growth rate begins to decline slowly.

The company that owns the brand decides to adopt a market modification approach by increasing the consumption rate among its existing customers. Which of the following strategies is most likely to help stahelopen company achieve its goal? Listing out afsuderen for potential customers to try Latia fruit juices Advertising the benefits of drinking Latia fruit juices more than once a day Making changes to the packaging of Latia products Identifying new market segments and strategizing on the best ways to enter them Celestia’s is a newly opened bakery that is looking to reach more customers.

Ria, a social media marketer by profession and a regular customer at the bakery, offers to help the bakery establish a strong online presence. In return, she is promised a free supply of baked goods for the next three months.

Which of ej following concepts does this scenario illustrate?

Divesting Positioning Co-branding Bartering It therefore caters only to the upper class and the upper middle class. However, the company soon realizes that it has enormous growth potential among middle-class consumers.

To tap this potential market, it releases a compdtent range of smartphones that are less expensive. This move proves to be successful and eventually helps the company gain a larger market share. Line modernization Pure bundling Line stretching Dual branding. Stageverslag diagnostiek stage Dit is een volledig uitgewerkt en goedgekeurd stageverslag ten behoeve van de diagnostiek stage aan de Open Universiteit.

Stage portfolio jaar 3 Stage portfolio jaar 3. Ik had hier een 8 voor.