Elementary Mix The Chordbusters’ March This quartet from Quinton Township School (New Jersey) has a second grader on lead, a third grader on baritone, a . Chordbusters March. Bluegrass Student Union version. Rating: /5. 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5. (9 votes – mouse-over to vote now!). Arranger, WA Wyatt. Voicing, Womens Track. Contestable, No. Genre, Traditional . Artist, Jennifer Cooke. Artist Website,

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The local press covered the event. Music for your Website.

The judges chose the Barflies for third, the Barberpole Cats for second and to the delight of the large Tulsa contingency, The Chord Busters as the new World’s Champions. They were apparently more relaxed and might have even sung better. They proceeded to sing Kathleen and by the second verse they noticed he began to relax. We have emailed you a change of email request.

Subreddit Flair is now setup. Let us know your feedback so we can evolve and improve. Having four parts, they began singing. Lem studied barbershop and enjoyed the style. The Chord Busters were one of the most innovative quartets in our Society’s history with several of their landmark decisions becoming standard for today’s foursomes. Want to watch more videos for this song?

They were the very first quartet to win on its first attempt. None where everyone in the room doesn’t immediately go berserk. Despite travel restrictions by the war, they appeared on a show in Wichita, Kansas not long after the contest.


When the final scores were totaled, the Chord Busters were selected as national champions.

The Tulsans were a voiced, nationally known, semi pro, male chorus who sang mostly classical and glee club style music. The Chord Busters were the first quartet to “get shirts alike”.

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The Chord Busters believed the National Contest to be more than cohrdbusters “another annual competition”. They dropped by a Tulsa hospital to sing for a friend.

Once the concert got underway, they ran into tenor Norman Enmeier in the men’s room. They averaged approximately a show a week. His talent included being able to arrange for male voices taking advantage of individual qualities and ranges.

Despite pressure to compete again, in they began the tradition of past champions NOT entering future contests. Submit a new link. This would be the only contest in which they would not place first.

The sound was exciting and there was a seasoned, natural blend from the very first chord. Retrieved from ” https: Louis, after two afternoons of elimination, eleven quartets were selected to face the audience on the night of July 5. Mterwards the Tulsa and Bartlesville champions would swap members for fun and call themselves the “Bar Busters” or the “Chord Flies”.


He was, in fact, marfh fifth member. It’s also been said that if they ever turned down a “mashed potato and peas” freebie, they weren’t aware of it.

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One night Bobbie suggested they try putting bell chords in Bye Bye Blues. They joke that the three record set is worth almost that much today.

The name, Chord Busters was chosen and they began rehearsing in earnest. Tom died April 25, at In the year after being disqualified, the Chord Busters worked very hard. On hand was a special exhibit prepared by Ruth Joyce, curator of Heritage Hall, showcasing the quartet’s history.

It proved so popular, it match surfaced as a contest number for the Gaynotes inand the Suntones in After about a year, Wade moved to California and the guys turned to another local talented musician, Lem Childers.

Out of the blue, Holbrook resurfaced in and suggested a reunion. Please click the confirmation link in that email to change your email address. They sang six numbers each week and went ten weeks without repeating a song.