1 Source ANIA – L’assicurazione italiana nel , page , with some companies as anticipated by the related CCNL (National. CCNL: the National Collective Labour Contracts stipulated by ANIA and the trade union associations most . /, by Law 69/ and by. Symbol, CCNL1, contributors: mct/pgu – updated: cyclin L ania-6a. cyclin L gamma. Synonym symbol(s), BM, CCNL, PRO, ania-6a.

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Along the same line, on 26 AugustIVASS and the Bank of Italy published a joint letter addressed to the insurance market including banks and financial intermediaries 212 on them to adopt new measures so that customers purchasing insurance policies paired with mortgages and other loans payment protection insurance could be better informed and protected. Article 36 anoa Decree-Law No. The Transport Finance Law Review Edition 4 Editor Harry Theochari Norton Rose Fulbright The Transport Finance Law Review is intended to provide the industry with a guide to transport finance today, in each of the key jurisdictions globally in which aircraft, rolling stock and ships are financed.

Formal arbitration can, however, guarantee a first instance decision in a relatively short time between six months and one year in the vast majority of the casesas against the lengthy proceedings in a court of law between two and 10 years.

On Arbitration Articles — The Constitutional Court, with ruling No. The Life Sciences Law Review. Report Inaccuracy Your name. Under Italian law, there are no warranties, but rather conditions precedent or essential conditions.

Although the national collective contract for insurance employees expired at the end of Junethe binding effects of the contract were extended while the parties were negotiating. If the judgment or arbitration award exceeds the policy limit, the defence costs are apportioned between the insurer and the insured according to their respective interests.

Should an insurance or reinsurance company enter into serious financial difficulties, Articles to of the Private Insurance Code provide for the administrative compulsory winding up of insolvent or financially troubled insurance and reinsurance companies. The insured or claimant must prove that the insured event occurred, the premium had been paid and the insurance contract existed; while the loss occurrence can be proved by witnesses or other means, the insurance and the premium payment shall be proved in writing.

Associazione Nazionale fra le Imprese Assicuratrici (ANIA)

The government, which originally also considered dissolving the Commission for the Supervision of Pension Funds COVIPthe regulator for pension funds, at the very last minute introduced an amendment to the Spending Review Decree and chose to keep COVIP, as its amia would not have reduced government expenditure. The Employment Law Review. The Securities Litigation Review. More precisely, under the Italian legislation, the admitted insurers should meet the existing requirements for authorisation, and have the minimal share capital or guarantee fund fully paid up in cash.


Meetings with European Commission: Notwithstanding this, there are some cases ccbl the policies are badly drafted and the wording can pose problems.

Typically, the entire litigation lasts from two to three years in first instance, and a little less at first appeal and before the Court of Abia. Among other controversies, the law amia disputes relating to insurance contracts, and to compensation for damage caused by the circulation of vehicles, by medical malpractice, and because of the liability of directors and officers. The Lending and Secured Finance Review. The taxation of premiums and life policy revenues in Italy is a complex matter that cannot be discussed in detail in 2102 chapter.

An 22012 of the international framework will provide thoughtful manufacturers and distributors with a strategic advantage in this increasingly competitive area. CvnlIVASS issued the very first set of rules for the management of insurance services offered online.

The Asset Management Review. No specific sanction is provided for wrongful denial of a claim, but because litigation usually follows, the court might award interests for late payment provided for by Legislative Decree No. Init amia expected that the Italian economy will further benefit from the improvement of the general economic climate, despite the ever-present political uncertainties. Finally, it is important to mention the IVASS circular letter to the market of 5 November concerning the long-term property insurance reintroduced by Law No.

The results of such investigation were summarised in a letter sent to the market on 16 Februaryin which IVASS, after having reviewed the current measures and processes adopted by insurers and intermediaries for the acquisition and storage of data, recommended that the insurance market adopt a number of specific recommended measures, including the review and reform of their existing insurance policies in order to cover cyber risk and associated remedial costs.

In Italian policy wordings, it is somewhat rare to encounter clauses providing for formal arbitration for a number of reasons, including the risk of lack of independence of one or more of the arbitrators, and the costs of such procedures. However, the Supreme Court did not provided clear directions about the criteria that should support a validity test. In respect of insurers, this regulation established the prohibition of requiring documentation that is already in their possession having aina obtained on the conclusion of a previous contract.

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The rules providing for insurance contracts and their drafting are all contained in the Civil Code. Among the different conflictual issues listed are:. If you’re a human, don’t change the following field Enter your name Your first name.

Foreign insurance companies operating in Italy under the freedom of establishment system shall comply with the provisions on technical reserves that apply to companies with a registered office in Italy.


In ccnnl with Article of the Civil Code, the burden of proof rests with the party seeking to enforce the right in court, and the defendant must prove his or her case only after the claimant has fully proved the claim.

In addition, there are terms ccjl are considered legal but onerous for the party against which these are drafted.

The Real Estate Law Review.

Italy – The Insurance and Reinsurance Law Review – Edition 6 – The Law Reviews

Subcategory Trade and business organisations. In particular, Article of the Insurance Code obliges IVASS to ensure compliance with the principles of clarity, recognition, transparency and fairness of advertising and information on the conformity of the insurance contract with the advertising and in the pre-contract negotiations with the information notice and the execution of the insurance contract policy conditions. In connection with the European GDPR implementation in MayIVASS became active in supervising insurance market awareness about the new legislation requirements, and especially the processes put in place to prevent data breaches and the eventual subsequent notifications and remedial action.

Following this, the court may issue default orders against parties who have failed to attend and, if a duly summoned party to proceedings fails to attend, the court might consider some of the factual allegations and the documents produced as uncontested and ground his or her decision on such evidence.

Ajia overall time between the service of summons and the issuing of judgments decreased from 1, days in to inand further decreased in to days. When an insured-against event occurs, the insured shall notify the loss to all insurers and start salvage to minimise the extent of the loss.

In this case, the retrocessionaire must provide some form of collateral to allow a deduction from the liabilities stated on the Italian reinsured company’s statutory financial statement.

It is also refused if no proof is given that the share capital or guarantee fund has been fully paid up, or that the organisation fund is actually and immediately available to the company.

At other times, the private insured must instead take out an insurance contract with a public insurer such as, for example, the National Institute for the Insurance of Accidents at Work, 17 or take out a mutual insurance contract with a private insurer through a public contracting entity. The Banking Regulation Review. The Technology, Media and Telecommunications Review.