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Styxx (Dark-Hunter, #22) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

And Urian him self surprised me for what he is If you think you knew Styxx, you are oscuroa mistaken. What should be the happiest days of his life turn to ashes in his mouth and Styxx is again left with nothing. Both of them had been through hell and back, and they both had misconceptions and misinterpretations.

She thinks he’s a young farmer named Hector. Their are always two sides of the story and that’s what we learn cazaores Styxx’s side. No one will ever mistake you for him. Too many books in this series spoiled me enough.

They are similar in so many ways.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Styxx’s weapons master Galen. I was smiling and pumping my fist YES!

He was always backhanded by someone mostly his father and sister and stabbed a few times by his lovely family. Every time Styxx talks to Beth about his love for her. Explore the Home Gift Guide. His gaze went to the two Charontes who stood on opposite sides of her. But he rose above it all and still managed to love.


That even he, can allow pain and bad memories or what other people think, cloud his judgement. But enough about that. I can’t even keep up with the who and why’s of it all.

I will say this though, it’s worth the late nights of, “just one more chapter”. As she turned to face him, her eyes flashed from swirling silver to a deep, vibrant red- another thing she shared with her son.

Because this is a long book and it is completely packed with events and feelings. I’m still cazzdores about the weird sexism in that. Not that he remembered the sensation of being hugged. After all the horror of his childhood, Styxx finds a woman whom he loves dearly, and though she protests at first, and holds her own secrets from him, eventually consents to marry him.

Sigue al autor

Get out of my sight. Please try again later. Actually, they’re both victims. Apollymi pulled back to look ocuros at him with a stern frown. So, he shores up his defenses, becomes the best warrior and cuts a huge swath through the Atlanteans while they’re at war, gaining the total respect of his warriors.

Contrary to what some other readers felt, I didn’t like Ash less after reading it. Thank you for making my life miserable by reading this book. Still will read all Sherrilyn’s books I thought Artie was the most horrible character that was ever made.


How could she fool me like that? The exception being The Chronicles of Nick There are two saving graces of this book: But I have to tell you, this book about did me in. Just because you look like him doesn’t make you what he is. So this was the bitch who had forever changed and ruined his life… And all to save the life of her own son.

Every type of torture imaginable is done to Styxx and then some. The truth that he was pretending to be Hector, just another normal person. Did she have a one-brother allotment for her love? This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Ironically, the Atlantean goddess of ultimate pain and destruction had to be the most beautiful woman who had ever lived.

Luego de poner tantas excusas para.

People make their own reality And I was totally shocked about Ryssa Styxx can see only his personal flaws and shortcomings. She glared at him as if it was his fault that Acheron was gone. Before Styxx came along in the series, my favorite book was Ash’s. I can only imagine what it took to write it.

The story with characters aside was interesting, especially with Urian!