Who Put The Bomp #5. Who Put The Bomp #6. Who Put The Bomp #7. Who Put The Bomp #8. Who Put The Bomp #9. Who Put The Bomp! # Who Put The. Who Put The Bomp was a rock music fanzine edited and published by Greg Shaw from to Its name came from the hit doo-wop song by Barry. It collects writings from the s-’70s run of Bomp! magazine, a worthy competitor of Creem and Crawdaddy as a rock mag that’s still fun to.

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Good to see you’re here also!

Bomp! Records – Wikipedia

June 15, at 7: Get the Mini Site Translator widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! The new trailer for the Death Wish remake portrays a Chicago that looks like Donald Trump’s dream come true.

The magazine was a departure from the mainstream and its writing style unique with its own opinion described as almost partisan. Tabbed Event Search All. There’s a LOT of information here, perhaps not ideally organized for quick retrieval, but the book certainly projects a world you can get lost in. American independent record labels Record labels established in Vanity record labels Garage punk Garage rock record labels Pop record labels Punk record labels.

William Stout cover art, ass When Sonny gets blue. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Records is headed by his ex-wife, Suzy Shaw.


Dave Lambert – Hawaiian War Chant print ad: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In just a few pages, Savage covers a lot of frontal ground and also subtle subtext, such as how Shaw’s enthusiasm was dissipated over time by the fluctuations of what was happening in music in the present tense, as a business and as a mutating beast of the music he loved. Keep it on your coffee table or on your nightstand – or, if you’re like me and the bathroom is your reading sanctuary, keep a copy in there.

Which isn’t a knock, man. Nothing To Do With Arbroath.

Two Special Faces Photographed: It was created by Greg Shaw and his wife. A must have for collectors, historians, musicians and rock’n’roll lovers everywhere. If the music’s good it’s all magaizne game Wander to their links.

Who Put the Bomp

T’; the Technicolor Dr. Joe Biviano – N. Links to this post. Restaurants, films, parties, exhibits, and more to help you avoid holiday-induced cabin fever on December Views Read Edit View history.

An idealization by artist William Stout ‘. Lady, That’s My Skull.

Greg and Suzy Shaw were great boosters of the LA alternative music scene. The extensive info rolling around Shaw’s head and his equally extensive opinions are a testament mafazine the fact that he got – totally GOT – the whole rock fan thing.

Shaw founded one of the earliest rock fanzines, the mimeographed Mojo Navigator and Rock ‘n Roll Boomp in Might that letter from Tom Miller on page actually have been written by the future Tom Verlaine? He gave tirelessly of his time, talent, knowledge, and advice, whether running sound at a gig or recording a young band.


Blues for the RedBoy. Retro Styling and Performance: By Brianna Wellen YOu can share, too -Just click here- to drop me a line and say hello. Suzy Shaw and Mick Farren co-authored Bomp: I love how punk and new wave and power pop and ‘stadium’ rock are all happily lumped together in its pages.

BOMP Magazine – Oktober 1978 – Frontpage

Greg Shaw died from heart failure at the age of 55 on October 19, An enthusiastic publication of enthusiastic writings by one of indie rock’s most enthusiastic supporters!

However, I’m ready and eager to immediately remove any potentially infringing posting if it will avoid a hassle or hurt feelings. Record Cover Galleries, etc. The book weighs in at pages and since the pages are jam packed with stuff to read, much of it in small type, it will take you quite some time to read it. Bianca Bagnarelli on the Havana Syndrome. Legion of Subpar Villains: To be honest, I still haven’t seen that book, so I must imagine its pros and cons from the largely enthusiastic customer reviews at Amazon.

A self-titled LP, cover art by R