Boletín chileno de ornitología. Type: journal. DDC: ISSN(s): Publisher:: Santiago. Appears: print. ID: PERI:(DE) Get this from a library! Boletín chileno de ornitología. [Unión de Ornitólogos de Chile.;]. Manuscript received on 30 July , accepted on 18 November Boletín Chileno de Ornitología 21 (): Unión de Ornitólogos de Chile

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Lynx ediciones, Barcelona, Spain. Revista Dw de Historia Natural, Lynx Ediciones, Barcelona, Spain. None of the surveyed islands supported ornutologia numbers of nesting red-legged cormorants. Due to the increase in scientific productivity for Falconidae and birds of prey, especially in recent years, reporting where information is lacking and which regions and species have not been studied is essential to continue the study of this group optimally. Eds Aves Rapaces de Chile.

No trophic superposition between Falco femoralis and Falco sparverius has been documented in Chile Torres-MuraRau and Jaksic Since our Cinclodes species differed in body mass m bbut there was no significant scaling, we conducted an ANOVA using mass adjusted metabolic and water loss rates see Tieleman et al. Whether this represents an increase or reflects differences in sample effort is unknown. To date, all relevant studies considered birds of prey in general, with no specific focus on ed family.

Information on island surface and distance to the mainland Table 1 were derived from aerial photographs and maps.

Nevertheless, there are chileho passerines that lack salt glands, and yet inhabit intertidal habitats and consume hyperosmotic prey.

Noticiario Mensual Museo de Historia Natural Based on a comprehensive review of the literature, an updated report is presented on the state of knowledge of falcons in Chile.


Virtually nothing is known of chjleno population numbers, trends or threats of these birds SchlatterCarboneras bBirdlife International Total evaporative water loss and total oxygen consumption in three species of Cinclodes. The presence of rats, rabbits and cats on islands along the Chilean coast is largely known Schlatterbut their potential effects e. Comparison to the study by Raimilla et al.

Ambiente y Desarrollo The use of non-suitable techniques may produce biases or errors and perhaps even harm captured individuals Ford MWP fue estimada utilizando la equivalencia: Cotinga United Kingdom Birds were supplied with dried air.

Global Raptor Information Network

Finally, Phalcoboenus australis has been described as the most important predator of Eudyptes chrysocome Forster ornito,ogia Sphenisciformes Cursach et al. Conclusions This review of the state of knowledge on falcons in Chile indicates bias in all assessed categories: Villegasalso at this island, determined that marine otters Lontra felina hunt these birds by digging out their burrows see also Mattern et al.

Dickinson and Remsen During the nestling period, three young were detected Oncol, respectively. The 64 species are grouped in 11 genera and 2 subfamilies: Journal of Raptor Research Revista vely well protected sites with dense vegetative cover in the Chilena de Historia Natural Information for this topic is fragmented across a number of brief publications and reviews.

The Inca tern Larosterna inca We were able to locate only one site within the surveyed area where Inca terns breed: Figueroa R, Corales E. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology 66 1: Escherichia coli Migula has been identified as a cause of fatal meningoencephalitis in Milvago chimango Seguel et al.


The red-legged cormorant Stictocarbo gaimardi Only reduced number of cliff-nesting red-legged cormorants were found at four islands, with colony sizes ranging from 5 to 20 pairs. A total of studies between and included scientific data on falcons in Chile.

Revista Chilena chhileno Historia Natural The same pattern was observed in works that focus on community structure Jaksic and continental water birds Victoriano et al. Two new breeding sites are reported for the Peruvian diving-petrel and nesting of the wedge-rumped storm-petrel is confirmed on the Chilean coast for the first time.

Revista Chilena de Ornitología

cnileno The only migrant species of falcon recorded in Chile is Falco femoralis Jaksic and Simonetti Ocho Libros Editores, Santiago, Chile90— Although all Cinclodes species inhabit land-water interfaces e.

Journal ornitologiia Raptor Research Hence, further studies are needed to test if Cinclodes exhibits differences in the function of the nasal cavity and skin permeability, and to determine the relative contribution of respiratory and cutaneous water loss to TEWL in Cinclodes.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The Peruvian pelican Chielno occidentalis Nesting of pelicans was restricted to only two islands in the southernmost part of the surveyed area, with the largest colony on Cachagua. All study animals were collected between December and February, during the warm, dry seasons of and austral summer.

Effects of harves- Sargatal eds.