follow – up was performed on the Birmingham Mid Head Resection (BMHR) .. good surgical technique and a well proven resurfacing implant is vital for success . The novel Birmingham Mid-Head Resection (BMHR) device offers the option. We have illustrated the surgical technique to manage this rare. Surgery was conducted via a standard posterior approach to the hip joint using a 58 mm BHR acetabular component, a 52 mm BMHR femoral head implant and.

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The fracture, however, has not spread in the usual transcervical or subcapital pattern.

© The McMinn Centre – Mr Derek McMinn MD FRCS Hip Resurfacing Birmingham UK

Poor femoral head bone quality is a relative contraindication to resurfacing arthroplasty. In addition to receiving honours of distinction from several quarters, the University of Birmingham has conferred on him the degree of Doctor of Medicine Honoris Causa in recognition of his sterling contributions to the medical profession.

Bmmhr fracture pattern is different from published cadaveric studies, and clinicians using this implant should be aware of this as revision is likely to require a distally fitting, rather than a metaphyseal fitting stem. Adaptive bone remodeling of the Birmingham hip mid head resection.

Birmingham Mid-Head Resection Periprosthetic Fracture

During the BMHR operation, the femoral head ball joint is resected through the middle, thereby removing the diseased or necrotic bone. J Bone Joint Surg Am. Femoral neck deformity Valgus neck, Femoral Head Retroversion When the cysts in the femoral neck are large, hip resurfacing cannot be performed.

You can find out more about this option by clicking here. The surgery was uneventful and notching had not been noted at the time of surgery.

The b,hr pattern is spiral in nature and reaches to the subtrochanteric area. Hence it can be revised to total hip replacement if required at a later stage. Gone are the days when young, active patients crippled from hip arthritis were told to shut up and put up with it. We have illustrated the surgical technique to manage this rare complication. Of these BMHRs, 3 have been revised to a total hip replacement at various stages of follow-up.


Birmingham Mid Head Resection prosthesis is a recently developed hip prosthesis for patients

Surgeons come from around the world to observe and train with Mr McMinn in Birmingham. Contact Us Contact Us. When using the BMHR, the deficient femoral head is excised at its base rather than being resurfaced so that little of the head but all of the neck remains.

Asian regional center for hip resurfacing is the only center in Hmhr where currently BMHR surgeries are being performed. The femoral neck is surggical to receive the proximal load-bearing cone of the BMHR stem.

This is different to when conventional resurfacing is performed, when most of the femoral head is preserved and a resurfacing ‘cap’ is placed over the top. Per-operative pictures of the surgical techniques involved. Copyright – Find articles by Hassaan Q. This is important as aiming to place the implant in valgus may result in placing it too valgus, which may result in notching and surgiical as in our reported case.

Hence, this report is important as it gives an insight as to what to expect with if this complication occurs and how it can be managed successfully.

Hence, one must be selective when choosing patients undergoing conventional resurfacing arthroplasty. Postoperative radiographs had shown a small notch in the superior femoral neck. Reasons for revision include fracture through the femoral neck. Time will tell when further case reports, biomechanical and follow-up studies emerge if spiral subtrochanteric fractures are more common than suggested by current biomechanical studies.

A long stem, which was distally fitting, was used so as not to rely on the fractured proximal metaphysis. Patients who would normally be considered for resurfacing but have been otherwise excluded due to poor femoral head quality now have an option other than total hip replacement. Our current protocol for symptomatic early AVN. Please review our privacy policy. Femoral neck fracture following hip resurfacing: As the pioneer behind the device, Mr McMinn is one of the few experienced surgeons in the world who can offer the BMHR procedure to his patients.


In the case we present, the fracture appears to have emanated from the notched superior neck cortex and spiralled distally to the subtrochanteric level.

We describe a case of periprosthetic fracture in a patient with a BMHR implant. The special BMHR head goes over tecnhique taper adapter present at the top. No patients were omitted from this cohort.

In these patients only a stemmed component was possible by removing bone stalk. A biomechanical investigation of implant alignment and femoral neck notching with the Birmingham Mid-Head Resection.

Again, until recently there was no corroborating evidence to suggest that this was also the case. Find articles by Justin Cobb. The Birmingham Mid Head Resection prosthesis is a recently fechnique hip prosthesis for patients who are keen on having metal on metal hip resurfacing but do not have enough bone stock in their femoral head to accept a resurfacing implant.

Mr McMinn specialises in conservative treatments for young and active patients. The patient, having previously technnique a left total hip replacement for osteoarthritis, subsequently underwent right hip BMHR for osteoarthritis Fig.

The patient recovered successfully and was discharged home. Join Our Mailing List. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.