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The tutorial describes how you can enable image processing with alpha-channels in blender. The tutorial mainly adresses people, who are totally new to 3D content creation tools duetsch general and blender in particular. It uncovers the secrets of the blender console and it explains how to verify that blender has been installed correctly.

Blender installation guide December abstract: Note that the first part of the tutorial also applies to the Domino Design scripts, while the secnd part refers to the JASS-distribution only. We introduce the basic functionality of the blender node editor. Surface Textures for Sculpties with Blender June abstract: In addition to that, we also show, how you can apply your own alpha-mask to your sculpt-map for protection and for labeling your work.

The blender trail (Blender 2.49)

In this tutorial I will introduce the curve-modifier and create a sculpted helix. Note, that we not yet support blender release 2. Please note, that this tutorial is somewhat different from the others as it tells a story of a builder who gets the order to make a star. Lets go and make another cube, but now we make it almost perfect.

This tutorial will cover the basics of LOD Level of detail and show you how to avoid the most common pitfall in sculptie creation. The tutorial is a 6 minutes life demonstration, how to create a whine glass sculptie with blender, from scratch and without any! This tutorial will show you some techniques for building high precision sculpted prims.


Yet another tutorial about how to create a sculpty cube.

As an example we have choosen the construction of a sculpted window frame for a casino window front read more …. One highlight is the description of the primstar multi-sculptie export tool and the corresponding Multi-sculptie-Generator in your online world. I also have added a tutorial which shows the script in action: The blender primer December abstract: Welcome to our secnd blender tutorial.

Either make it using simple Prims introducing twist and pathcut or use a sculptmap using a non power of 2 mesh. The tutorial describes how you can create multiple objects out of one single Sculpted prim.

But we still provide enough background information, so that even blender newbies should be able to follow the process. As an example we have choosen the construction of a sculpted window frame for a casino window front read more … Blender knowledge for sculpty creation The blender node editor Part I: It covers the most basic functions for creating and modifying mesh objects. Although this tutorial is self contained, you may also check our first texturizing tutorial, which may help for better understanding.

Texturizing sculpties with multiple images September abstract: This site uses cookies: The tutorial is embedded into the story … read more … covers blender 2. This tutorial is HD-enabled. Sculpted Prims for the blender purist July abstract: We show you, how you can start with an empty mesh, draw an outline of an object and eventually create the full 3D-model. It can be used to create objects with more ease and it can create perfect texturizable sculpty surfaces … read more … Cubes Apr abstract: The tutorial gives an insight into the texturing tools of blender.


The blender trail (Blender ) | Machinimatrix

Please take a minute to read the Tutorial license terms. After you have studied the tutorial you should be able to follow our subsequent tutorials about using blender for creation of sculpted prims.

We used blender 2. The blender trail Blender 2.

No further software is needed here. Then come back here. We assume, that you have basic knowledge about the blender user interface. The tutorial shows in easy steps, how to create an object with blender and export it as a sculptie map UV-texture for usage in OpenSim or any compatible online world.

The blender node editor Part I: