The purpose of the study is to evaluate the physical performance of a Biograph mCT Flow R PET/CT system (Siemens Healthcare, Germany) and to. to fundamentally change how PET imaging is performed. Powered by Siemens’ revolutionary FlowMotion™ technology,. Biograph mCT Flow™ is the world’s first. Biograph mCT Flow with FlowMotion™ technology combines our standard- setting PET/CT with a unique system design that enables continuous motion of.

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Biograph mCT 20 Excel

There were no visual differences in image quality of the patient scans Fig. All data were corrected for random coincidences, normalization, dead time losses, scatter, and attenuation. Healthcare Siemens White Paper. Conclusions The spatial resolution, sensitivity, scatter fraction, and count rates were in concordance with the published values for the predecessor system, the Biograph mCT.

Mean standardized uptake values SUVs mean and coefficient of variations CVs were calculated for spherical volumes of interest VOI with 3-cm diameter placed in the liver and the bladder. The elevated background variability is assumed to be caused by the choice of the table speed and the data processing techniques specific to CTM acquisitions. Traditionally, whole-body PET examinations are performed in step-and-shoot SS mode, introducing the patient table motion between consecutive acquisitions of adjacent bed positions [ 1011 ].

Open in a separate window. This set of parameters should be defined by the vendor and be delivered with the system, e. Based on this relationship, a considerable decrease in detectability is expected when the acquisition time is reduced by a factor of 2, which is inevitably related to image contrast.


Support Center Support Center. Table speeds range from 0.

The system sensitivity was then computed as the ratio between the true count rate with no absorption and the starting activity. Performance measurements of positron emission tomographs.

The calculated activities at the start of the second scan were 5. Sensitivity The mCT Flow system had a sensitivity of 9. The measured sensitivity was 9. PET technical and clinical advances with FlowMotion technology. These settings were selected to cover the same axial FOV in the same time as performed with the IQ phantom measurements. Maximum modulus count rate error at peak NECR as well as maximum and minimum error for all activity concentrations are reported.

The advantage of the continuous bed motion is the increase of uniformity in the sensitivity profile across the axial FOV, due to the fact that the density of lines of response LOR does not depend of their axial position as in the case of SS acquisitions [ 13 ]. For an axial FOV excluding the low biogeaph regions at the axial endpoints of the scan range a hypothetical bioograph with an unlimited number of bed positions biogrpah, a 4-min acquisition per bed position corresponds to a table speed of 0.


These artifacts can be reduced by applying post-filtering with small to modest amounts of blurring but at the cost of lower image contrast. Methods for improving image quality in whole body PET scanning.

Biograph mCT 20 Excel – Siemens Healthineers Global

No visual difference in overall PET image quality was observed by two experienced imaging experts. The CTM scans were acquired with a table speed of 1.

Scintillator crystals for PET. Based on the results of Armstrong [ 25 ], this difference would increase for the smaller spheres when TOF was included into the reconstruction algorithm.

Biograph mCT – Siemens Healthineers Global

The contrast values, background variability, and the accuracy of attenuation and scatter correction for the lung insert were evaluated with an in-house developed plug-in for ImageJ U. The measurements were performed at the center of the FOV and at cm radial offset. Our data indicate a similar performance of the Jct components of the mCT Flow and its predecessor system, the mCT [ 6 ] with the residual differences being discussed below.

Effect of scan time on oncologic lesion detection in whole-body PET. Small differences in local uptake e. The maximum and minimum errors for all activity concentrations are depicted in Fig.

In comparison, Marti-Climent et al.