Benchcrafted Moxon Vise Hardware – Moxon Vise Hardware Kit is designed to clamp to any workbench. The Moxon Vise is extremely fast and easy to use. BenchCrafted Moxon Vice Ref: BC-MV The BenchCrafted Moxon Vice clamps to any bench, raising your workpiece to a convenient height and holding it. Perhaps I should be the last person to buy a Moxon-style vise kit from Benchcrafted. After all, I’ve built six of these highly functional vises for.

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The two wooden jaws may differ in height by 1 to 2 mm, which should have no effect during normal usage. Requiring no input on your part, this model lets you start work immediately. I need a bench vise…. IronWood November 13, Thank you, thank you thank benchcraftrd You Are the Jury — Cutlists: You can also build a benchtop bench with the Moxon vice hardware. Chris, I really like the idea of the chamfer and the lambs tongue is a beautiful way to transition it.

This reduces considerably the amount of effort you need to exert to close the vise chop. Stock availability information is current but may change as you shop. What do you think about using softwood 2x stock for the jaws?


What did you use to glue on the suede? Since the handwheels operate independently and the floating wooden jaw called a “chop” has elliptical screw holes, the jaw can be skewed to hold tapered workpieces securely.

Setting one wheel for the workpiece thickness, the opposite wheel is massive enough to literally push the jaw to the workpiece and hold it there solidly with only a quick spin of the wheel.

Is this worth it?

What’s more, this design lets you elevate the work to a comfortable height, so you can make close cuts without stooping. Well if you have used this vise as much as I have this year you immediately know why. The rear jaw is cut away at either end so that the mountable vice can also be fixed to the bench stop face strip with standard screw clamps.

Dean November 12, Holes in suede should be accepted! Been a long time subscriber to Popular Woodworking Printed version. The 2nd Israeli Woodworking extravaganza in the Galilee — part 3: Perhaps I should be the last person to buy a Moxon-style vise kit from Benchcrafted. The real genius of the Benchcrafted kit is that the threaded posts are stationary. Just finished my Benchcrafted Moxon Vise this week.


The only moving parts are the heavy handwheels.

When I nail it a few times mine will get the chamfer treatment like yours. They make three vises, and all of them are percent crazy over-the-top winners. But instead, I was one of the first to line benchxrafted for the kit offered by Jameel Abraham and his partners in Benchcrafted.

Moxon Vice

Bill Lattanzio November 13, Someone asked about what adhesive to use on the suede, use 3m spray adhesive-very clean and easy. Would this vise work in lieu of the permanent wood screw vise?

Western Canada Stores Victoria Limited quantities. Works well for me. My Benchcrafted Moxon Vise https: The quality is over-the-top, and the finished vise will exceed your expectations.

My Benchcrafted Moxon Vise | Popular Woodworking Magazine

Chris, Thanks for sharing your woodworking passion. He’s a hand-tool enthusiast though he uses power tools, too.

K Anderson November 12, If you cut dovetails and other joints by hand, this is a vice that will completely change your experience in the shop.