Alessa is just seven years old when her uncle rapes her for the first time. As the years pass, his sexual appetite becomes more voracious and his perversion. BELIEVE LIKE A CHILD. When Smiles Fade. AVAILABLE ON: Amazon US banner- final. Amazon UK banner – final. Read A Sample. A. lessa is just seven years. Born and raised in Plymouth Meeting, a small town west of Philadelphia, PA, Paige Dearth was a victim of child rape and spent her early years.

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It brings tears to my eyes even to write this review. If anything, this story will test your compassion, empathy, and outrage for the travesty that befalls people, especially our children, and the brutal reality of what abuse whether it is physical, drarth or emotional can do to a person’s psyche.

These are the children of the streets, who have learned pain and suffering before they ever had a chance to experience life.

Cooking is one of my passions. Paige has created characters whom will drawn you into the pages, having your heart breaking, your tears running, and your temper raging. I beliefe a better ending would have been to have Remo and Lucy really die and have Alessa go on to work with the homeless.

What do you say to people who think your writing loke too dark? The cover is haunting, reminding you each time you look at it that hush-hush child abuse really happens and makes your heart break.

She is unloved and abused at home and when she forges ahead on her own she believw trials beyond belief. I’m not quite sure Believe Like a Child is the story of Alessa, a young girl who has been sexually, physically, and emotionally abused her whole life.

This will give you nightmares, dreams, and goals. Some stories you take with you for the rest of your life.

xearth I’m so happy the author gave me a chance to read this story and even still I want to buy the book again. Alone and helpless in the streets of North Philadelphia, she encounters more human predators who want to take over her life and devour her. In Remo she finds healthy and fulfilling romantic love. John William came to me from real life. The only person in the family that she felt loved and safe with was her maternal grandmother.


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Vearth after Maggie dwarth abducted, a strange man approaches her with a dangerous proposition and she risks everything to break free of the network of unsavory characters that control her. National Indie Excellence Awards. At the age of sixteen, after the death of her only friend, Alessa finds herself at the mercy of her real-life monster, with no relief in sight.

There is no magic or special knowledge that any writer possesses. Write from your heart. However you may find yourself not wanting to read it because of the overtly simplistic and banal way it was written. Alessa is just seven years old when her uncle rapes her for the first time. There is hope in the darkness.

It presents a fine balance between what lives on in her imagination and the evil that lurks in the real world. Born Mobster, my fourth novel will be released in late summer After several hours Lucy got scared because Alessa had not come so she called a social worker that both of them knew and the vearth worker called the cops and they found Alessa unconscious and nearly dead. I think a drop in center would have fit the story better.


Believe Like a Child – Paige Dearth – Google Books

Wherever she goes, however, trouble keeps seeking her out, until she meets three people who change the course of her life forever. She is unloved and abu This bbelieve the third book I have read by Paige Dearth, I read them out of order, but that did not effect the story at all.

Feb 11, Shannon rated it really liked it. This is not a read for the faint hearted. A dark tale, with stunning characters and an emotional subject. One Among Us is about an eleven year old girl named, Maggie.

She also finds the love she has needed and craved all her life. I could excuse the beginning when I thought there was a message to be had but once it worked its way into everything bad happening all of the time regardless of believability, I was over it.


One night while over at Rhonda’s house a woman shows up accusing Zoe of sleeping with her husband. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Afterward, I drink my coffee and read. She loves both of them because of the love that is shown to her. She later became pregnant and found out that her husband was a heroin addict.

Paige defied the odds however, and is now happily married to her second husband. Paige Dearth was a victim of child abuse. Im sure as the reader you will also feel these as your read along with the story, it will pull you into the pages, and as horrific and terrible the ordeal is , it will compel you to read on.

Travel with Tony through his right-of-passage and experience the brutalities, murders and honor that comes with being accepted into this secret society. She flees her home to escape this hell, only to find herself descending into a more dangerous one. Johnny sees something special in Tony and takes him under his wing, molding him into the man he was destined to become.

At the age of sixteen, after the death of her only friend, Alessa finds herself at the mercy of her real-life monster, with no relief in sight.

I decided then and there that this story needed a wider audience, as it When I agreed to review Believe Like a Chile by Paige Dearth, I knew I was in for a bit of a tough story. But what a novel it is.

If you are being abused or you know someone who is, you must tell someone that can help. Is there a particular order you recommend for reading your books? It’s not only inspirational, it’s also heart wrenching, educational, and thought provoking. I can tell u if it weren’t for the wonder of self-publishing this book would never have been published Some may say why write about such controversial and difficult subjects.