Béla Hamvas has 50 books on Goodreads with ratings. Béla Hamvas’s most popular book is The Philosophy Of Wine. Béla Hamvas was born in 23 March in Eperjes (Prešov). His father, József Hamvas was an evangelical pastor, teacher of German and Hungarian, journali. The Philosophy Of Wine has ratings and 17 reviews. John said: An absolutely charming little book by Hamvas, who was a student of René Guénon and Juli.

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Hela people rarely have so-called world history ambitions; they do not get it into their heads that they must redeem other people, with the barrel of a gun if necessary. A rare but eminent bed for wine is venison larded with bacon, or roebuck back bone, or young wild boar.

Do not be like the pietist or the puritan who gobbles up food and, at the same time, says: Be the first to ask a question about The Philosophy Of Wine. For Hamvas, atheism is not a question of Weltanschauung or confession, it is not even an abstract speculation as to whether God exist.

Man or woman, such an individual is a whimsical fool. Here it stands unmoving, like the cherub in the olam ha-atsiluth, and sees everything, and radiates. The word moves in an outward, the food in an inward direction, the kiss both outward and inward directions, and that makes a circle. Once I became truly per- plexed.


Béla Hamvas

It goes excellently with small pastry and caviar sandwich. Do not think, my friends, that you get the better of me: We only scold the ones we love.

I recommend this wine for letter writing as well. But suspicions immediately awakened in him and the question kept haunting him: He was a great thinker and essayist who integrated Eastern and Western traditions as well as posing many serious questions about the modern age, together with the possibility of resolving them. The meaning corresponding to the metaphysical part is the antediluvian age, during which humanity did not yet know wine, only dreamt about it.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Now you can be convinced of that. Now I want to talk about the third triple division, namely — since we talk about the philosophy of wine — the three primeval liquids.

I do not even expect that you give anything up, poor souls; after all, you are in great need. Believe me, the only medicine for this sickness is wine. If someone is born maimed, deaf, or, during his life becomes crippled, no human power can change that.

The Flood could not wash it out of us. Refresh and try again. And, if the answer is yes, it does not inquire how Brla exists and in what manner: The golden hanvas is not a historical era but a condition and, as such, it is present all the time; the only thing it depends on is whether there is someone to realize it.


November, His father refuses to take the oath of allegiance to Slovakia. It is the following: Good religion, immediate life, good consciousness, quietude, understanding, and happiness do not in- habit the impure person.

Béla Hamvas – Julia and Peter Sherwood

And what hides behind this self-mortifying madness that is horrible in its proportion? Just as Kant sets forth the pivotal thoughts of all subsequent philosophies, which we may accept or counter but never evade and consider as unsaid. Hence the mother of all of us is the earth, which feeds us through our mouth, and we merge with what it offers to us.

But I cannot do anything about it. I am not eating, I am not eating.

When the atheists saw themselves being envied, they became presumptuous. Although not mentioned in the book, I think Hamvas would recommend drinking a wine while reading this book.