The Bedini SSG is one types of magnetic motor generators based on zero point Keyword-Component: Bedini SSG circuit operation; Bifilar. Below is the circuit I have been using. This is the basic Bedini SSG (Simplified School Girl) motor. The only difference in my circuit is I am using a 2N I have been researching on Bedini circuits, mostly the simple one (SSG located here ). I worked out in many.

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Or smaller for smaller setups. Material needs to be non-metallic, non-magnetic, and adequately sturdy. I originally posted on here a month ago or so, asking for some general advice and where to get started.

But I am suggesting to all, at this point, to maximize all their beini in getting the best possible numbers for steps 1, 2, and 3. I see the guide but I can’t be certain about it’s quality — there’s a lot of misinformation in this field of research and I haven’t seen John endorse this anywhere — it simply seems like a scam.

Only when the two purposes of this experiment are personally realized will the researcher understand what this technology offers in relation to free energy. Only an insignificant amount of circuot charging could take place with the arrangement in the schematic circuit diagram. If anyone has explanations or clarifications to these above mentioned concepts it would be greatly appreciated.


I am going to try adding even more batteries later with volt meters to monitor the outputs. Also, overpowering inductive systems result in a phase shift of current, the voltage appears across the inductor followed by a phase shifted current.

Fluid dynamics, viscosity and coiling. Further clarifying remarks between these [ ] brackets may be added later. fircuit

John Bedini Simplified School Girl basic plans

Circuif edited the original post to include this info and look forward to more information — please continue to post I see the guide but I can’t be certain about it’s quality — there’s a lot of misinformation in this field of research and I haven’t seen John endorse this anywhere — it simply seems like a scam. All times are GMT I tried to post on youtube to the builder but for some reason could not post there even though I was logged in. Find all posts by Joit.

Much love and admiration, –The CW.

Bedini Motors: Bedini `SSG´ Circuit

Set it to where the mechanical efficiency of the motor peaks out at 75ma input current or below. Thanks for the comments so far guys!

Just put one battery on the back end and one on the front. Last edited by Guruji; at The better shape the back battery is the better it will take the charge and that’s the ONLY thing we are after in this experiment. The magnetic fields from the inductor coil would interact with the magnetic field from the magnet, as long as the magnet is in range of the coil’s effects.

  GEZE TS 5000 PDF

Bedini SSG Circuit

Page 1 of 2. Originally Posted by Zooty Are you using any resistance on the base of the transistor?

One such battery charger circuit available on the net uses a uF 35V input capacitor. No need to do anything but the simple SSG setup. This is the crux of the Bedini Motor myth – it can desulphate a lead acid battery making it work more effectively – it is NOT a true battery charger!

This was a nice intro to bedini type chargers. As is well known, the flow of current through the coil is reversed when the turns are cut by the lines of force associated with the opposite poles of the magnet. The circuit remained the same except for the addition of the new charging output which is outlined in red.

Welcome to the club!

Find all posts by Bob Beidni. You will be needing to get an approximate average voltage across the load resistor during this time. Bedini already masters all these variables thus don’t expect a miracle with your first build.