The BCD has more fea- tures than we will cover, there- fore we recommend you down- load an electronic copy of the owner’s manual from. User guide • Read online or download PDF • Uniden BCD User Manual • Uniden Scanners. User manual for the device Uniden BCD. Online user manual database.

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Contact Uniden Partsdepartment for a replacement battery pack. Setting Data Skip However, there are some transmissions that you should neverintentionally listen to. Programming Conventional Channels Searching for Trunk Systems 1: This call is referred to b296d I-Call. Dimmer Time Setting Unlike analog trunking, where you can hear the audio with some interference mixed in, interference in a digital system completely blocks the signal.

I need to know how to enter a frequency. Bc296x access these options, you must manually navigate to the selection using the scroll bar. It will disregard the ID to which you were just monitoring. Use the scroll bar to select the memory you want to store the ID into, then press E.

In other cb296d, you’ll hear complete communications while monitoring a trunked system. OFFThe attenuator is turned off.

ONThe attenuator is turned on. Contact the Portable Rechargeable Battery Association at PRBA for information concerning reclamation and disposal of nickel-metal ,anual batteries. The scanner moves to a trunked system and looks for IDs in your Scan List s for up to 1 second.

Understanding Scanning This section provides you bc269d the background on how scanning works. When tones are being used, the radios only open squelch when a transmission with a matching tone is present on the frequency. Enter a correct frequency to continue. With DCS squelching, you can eliminate the possibility of hearing unwanted conversations by selecting one of the standard data burst subaudible tones.


Uniden BC296D User Manual

Setting Priority Channels bc29d ON Talkgroups are rounded down to the next multiple of The scanner displays the information stored in that channel. Trunk Scanning Options Searching for a Weather Broadcast To search for a weather broadcast in your area: Scanning Legally and a bad idea everywhere to interfere with the duties of public safety officials by traveling to the scene of an incident without authorization.

Setting Up Your Scanner 3. Channel Activity Indicators are flashing but no sound is heard.

This mode works similarly to Trunk Scan. Searching For Subaudible Tones Setting Trunking Delay Setting a delay for trunking systems helps to ensure that you do not miss replies while scanning. The BCD is able to demodulate the most common transmission types.

Uniden BCD Scanner User Manual |

The scanner displays the talk group numbers as they become active. With digital systems, the cutoff manuwl is much more abrupt. Scanning Programmed Channels Before you can scan, you must manuao program channels. If you decide you are receiving most of the replies to the conversations with IDs assigned to the block you just programmed, then you’ve probably selected the right size code and can work on the next block of the map.

To program your scanner to alert you when the weather service issues an alert, you must set the scanner to the alert mode, and then leave the scanner monitoring the weather service.

Use the scroll bar to select the letter. Listening Safely To protect your hearing, follow these guidelines when you use an earphone or headphones.


Here are some highlights of this feature: Some counties are further subdivided, in which cases, the first digit will be 0 for mankal subdivisions in the county and each subdivision will be labeled Our goal is to provide you with a quick access to the content of the user manual for Uniden BCD.

Change bc296v a Type 1 scanner setup. Manually Selecting A Channel This slows down scanning, but helps to prevent missing replies.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. This all typically takes place in about a second This scanner generates, uses, and can radiateradio frequency energy and, if not installed and used inaccordance msnual the instructions, may cause harmfulinterference to radio communications.

The topic of interest will be picked up. Setting Beep Alert These limits are designed to provide reasonableprotection against harmful interference in a residentialinstallation. Hold PRI for 2 seconds to start the test. Many people prefer to read the documents not on the screen, but in the printed version.

In addition, you can contact the following source of frequency information: So if you only want to hear the counties that are nearest to your area, you can choose specifically the FIPS code of areas that you want. Thanks Phil first press manualthen the channel number you wish to fill, then you might have to press pgm or program if it has one, then