BCT. Uniden’s analog-only portable Trunktracker scanner with Dynamic Programming Your Uniden Scanner · · BCT Owner’s Manual. ARC Software User Manual 3. 1: INTRODUCTION: ARC is a Windows software package for easy programming and controlling the Uniden BCT. Uniden BTT Scanner Manual. BCT Channel Scanner with Close Call and TrunkTracker III. The Uniden BC T Handheld Scanner features .

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It took me a while just to figure out how to turn the thing on page 41?? I wish someone would make a little bit bigger radio with C cells.

This setting selects the frequency step used for setting the channel. When you select a service search or custom search range sthe scanner looks for active frequencies within the range s and ‘ Search and Store ‘ appears on the display’s lower line and the system name and search range name s appear on the display’s upper line.

My biggest gripe is that it doesn’t follow the menus of the radio.

20 Most Recent Uniden BCT Handheld Scanner Questions & Answers – Fixya

Press ‘ Menu ‘ to return. Set Modulation Conventional only. Please review those first. The control channel is continually transmitted to the field units and has a sound similar to listening to a boat engine over the phone manuzl manual mode; you won’t hear this when you are trunking the system.

If there are locked out frequencies, you will see the first locked out frequency and ‘ Unlock?


Uniden bt246t scanner Owner’s manual download

Here is a Conversion Chart to help convert your IDs. The quick keys for the system s and group s containing the priority channel s have to be turned on and groups and systems have to be unlocked or the scanner will display Priority Scan No Channel.

In that case, while in Scan mode, press and hold Func -don’t let go. Oruse Menu to drill down to the channel options and unlock it there.

Uniden BTT Scanner Owner’s Manual Download

There doesn’t seem to be a limit to how many priority channels you can program. Turn on this setting if you are manuxl other strong signal sources. This setting applies to all channels in the system. Press Scan to exit or Menu to return. I was not able to to receive this on my much pricier BCDT. This scanner trunktracks the following types of systems: Collecting Information Collecting Information Getting your scanner programmed and scanning takes a few steps.

You bc2446t set the delay time for each system you scan, and while searching and using the Close Call feature. To turn Group Quick Keys on or offwhile scanning press and hold the Func button-don’t let go. The scanner stores the ID into a created hc246t group called ‘ Qck Save Grp ‘ with no quick key assigned and you will be at the ‘Edit Channel’ menu to complete the settings for manal new channel. You can also set the frequency band s where you want the scanner to look for transmissions.

Yes – the scanner treats all bc2246t ID’s as unique ID’s. To enter a numberpress a number key. Plug the smaller end of each of the included connection cables into the Remote jack on the right side of each scanner. System quick keys work like bank keys-press them to turn systems on or off.


Ltr Trunking Autonomous Trunking systems operate on a single channel and alternate control data with analog voice traf- fic.

Use what works best for you. Page of Go. Scroll to the desired DCS code you want present with the signal. Oruse Menu to drill down to the system options and unlock it there.

Uniden BC246T Owner’s Manual

This is my second scanner and my first trunk tracker and boy oh boy was I confused trying to program this baby until I read another review and bought the ARC software program from BuTel and what a difference.

Everything was in the box but two things immediately crashed my enjoyment 1.

Receive Bands and Default Step Sizes. Requires firmware version 2. NFM – the scanner uses narrowband FM for the frequency.

Orpress Menu. Conventional Simplex and Repeater Systems. Manuual systems use two frequencies: Reviewing Locked out Frequencies. Scroll to ‘ Search For Pri appears when you select this mode.

Using Ac Power Before you use rechargeable batteries for the first time, charge them for 14 hours to bring them to a full charge.