Deck Construction Rules. Universe Rules. The Inner Sphere affiliations currently used in the BattleTech TCG are Davion, Marik, Kurita, Liao, Rasalhague. The BattleTech CCG featured BattleMechs, characters, and technology from the although when playing with official FASA rules, choosing cards for your deck. , KB, , BT players guide. , KB, , BT rules Clan. , KB, , BT rules sphere.

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Choose any blocking Unit. Unlimited states, “You may activate Ambush!

Alpha Strike If a Unit has the Alpha Strike option more than once, it may use any, all, or none of the options during a mission or battle. Draw a card when you activate Extra Armor Plating. Forged Mission Orders Limited, Unlimited untaps a blocking Unit in addition to removing it from battle, so the Unit always becomes untapped.

Jump If you use the Jump option on more than one of your Units, the initiative bonus is cumulative.

– BattleTech: Downloads: docs/rules/ccg/

Maximum of 6 copies of a card except resources May have a sideboard of 8 cards to swap 1: Unique cards may be placed in the Construction region while a Unique batltetech of the same title is in play, but they may not be activated. Regions A good field command post doesn’t guarantee your survival, but it does make your enemy pay battletecg every inch of ground taken.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I loved the CCG when I was a kid.

BattleTech Collectible Card Game – Wikipedia

Linked in the mod too. As with any other option, you can decide not to use Missile and thus fire no missiles. Limited and Unlimited versions only Card text should read: The Limited version is correct.


These Mission cards typically modify which Units can or can’t block. I’ve only played a couple games with a buddy so far as we’re learning it. But their trust is fragile, their fledgling alliances fraught with risk. You’re not required to fire all of them. Log in or sign up in seconds. See rulebok “Phases of the Turn: Draw a card when you activate this card.

Those decks can consist of any combination of cards the player desires, although when playing with official FASA rules, choosing cards for your deck will be limited, e. Scrounger Crew LimitedUnlimited creates rulbook it is activated. So I was hoping for more of an explanation of a game as opposed to the definitions of the game?

Resources Resources must be spent immediately upon being generated or they are ruoebook. You may also use one, the other, or neither of the Overheat options. Redirecting more or less than 4 damage is impossible though if more than 4 damage is dealt, the attacker can of course redirect just 4 of it to the Point Defense System. It should be a Liao Unit. Something more detailed than just info and definitions about the items.

Let’s say you assign all the Guillotine’s damage to the Koshi and all the Albatross’s damage to the Pouncer.

The playing area is pretty simple. BattleTech Tabletop Primer – New?


Deploy – Deploy up to 2 units to battletdch area 1 for first player first turn ; tap resources to put counters on construction cards; activate paid for cards; reassign pilots. The main difference is you don’t have to pay for the card completely in one turn. Thor D LimitedUnlimited has a base attack of 6 and the ability to deal 2 damage to the target even if blocked.

BattleTech Trading Card Game

I’ve been looking for a tutorial though to refresh myself with the CCG rules and turn order and how to build your deck. These titanic struggles led to the battletechh of BattleMechs: You’ll need to add some dice, probably want to just build your deck and save it to chest, then use a smaller table and such.

Victory Condition After the entire effect of a card or ability has been assessed, check each Stockpile to see whether it has run out of cards. My steam name is the same as it is here. On a 5 or a 6 the Vehicle is scrapped. Yes, as long as you have one A, you can ignore the A cost. I don’t know of any good tutorials that haven’t been mentioned but I’d love to play against you on TTSimulator sometime.

Missiles When you use a Unit’s Missile option, you can fire up to the number of missiles it has. I have some clarification questions if you have some time.