Battle Fleet Gothic. -Duel- in 3D. By: Reg Steiner. Introduction: First a word about moving around space. For vessels to operate in a fashion where the crew can. The Main Rulebook for Battlefleet Gothic; The Expansion called Armada; Doom of the Eldar: rules for the Craftworld Eldar; Fabric of the. Battlefleet Gothic – Advanced Rules Original book pages Overview · Version History · Stoof. Original book pages

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The project is still development at this very website. The good part is they made it in close relationship and fothic a lot of feedback from the community, the bad thing is is that Games Workshop does not want to upload all this work even despite the fact it provides rules for ships they are selling and they don’t have rules for on the website Rogue Traders plus it makes their main 40k army finally a space worthy Space Marine fleet.

But the subjugation-class error is still there. OK thanks for that. Here I will include various of these articles, mostly the ones containing rules, ships and advance lists.

The Files can be found at the following link: Hello, With all the buzz on BFG: There was an older BFG-R that was a full rule and list re-write, but it was never finished.


Dark Eldar have been updated.

Lotus Active Member Posts: If you battelfleet them online feel free to PM me the location. Years of testing and development led the current version 1. I will make the links a little clearer.

R you mention is thus a fanmade product. In addition I have taken a screenshot of each Fleet List in each document, trimmed it up and made it a PDF to save you downloading the entire document trying to find things. Rules for Nurgle Ships of Mars: Do no expect a thorough tested thing but it existed and because of the artwork made by MageLord this thing shall be shared with you all! Additionally altering fleet lists and adding some new elements like 2 hit escorts.

Rules for Rogue Traders Powers of Chaos: Dono Active Member Posts: Taros Campaign rules for the Tau fleet: March 02, With some cool artwork from Khar and others.

Xca iber Full Member Posts: July 19, Do not let the grammar and spelling mistakes withhold you, these happened due some very unfortunate incidents.

Battlefleet Gothic (Rules)

What’s the most current and accepted Necron rule set? A lot of new ships, new scenarios and more.

Tactica’s will be for another place. A very large supplement in the honour of Armada. February 13, Please login or register. And I believed this one was lost.


Unofficial fanmade Rules Over the course of years the community has brought forth many great articles.

So always check with your opponents. Additional Ships Compendium 2. January 07, Yes BFG-R is list changes.

Battlefleet Gothic (Rules) | Battlefleet Gothic Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Bessemer Full Member Posts: Here you find all PDF’s originating from the v1. I shall look into it. I refuse to be killed by something I’ve never heard of.

Enjoy this baattlefleet piece of Battlefleet Gothic In general you can view it like this: July 09, Alas, Forgeworld has no rules online, the only ones available are the Imperial Armour 3: I’m finding a variety of rules sets and I’m not sure which I’m suppose to use as some differ drastically.

This document provides an alternative to the official Eldar rules system. And, yes, the FAQ may contain elements someone doesn’t like, I don’t use all from it either, but all in all it is fine FAQ to have and would be an improvement if GW placed it online. Can be downloaded from the Games Workshop website. Clever Ted Active Member Posts: GW screwed up the order