The Basic Security In the Field e-learning course contains vital security information for personnel, family members and others covered by the UN Security . Basic Security Training in the Field II. Full title: Basic Security Training in the Field II Type: online. Short description: e-learning course by UNDSS on security. Below security trainings (BSITF, ASITF) are mandatory for all UN travels and deployments. Basic and Advanced Security in the Field for external, non-UN staff.

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Basic Security in the Field II (English)

What does it mean to be “Notified” How will the notification be sent? UN personnel will require security clearance for all official travel, regardless of Security Level.

Begin filling out your travel information as indicated in step 5. How often will the Security Level change? The new interim policies promulgated on 17 December includes a policy on security clearances: You are strongly advised to do so. You will find useful information related to individual security awareness, such as: If you choose to do the training offline using the CD instead of the online module, the Create Email button at the end of the course will generate a message indicating that you have completed it.

In order to enhance safety tthe security awareness for United Nations personnel at the VIC, the Security and Safety Service Vienna is presenting four general safety and security themes to support a safety and security mindset at the VIC.


Activity info

Security Clearances must be requested for all countries. Enter your li UN email address as your username and enter your password. Basiv the “Next step” to proceed to the next section. Must I provide full contact details when filling in the accommodation form? Terms of use Privacy policy Help and support. For maximum reliability, the Structured Threat Assessment must have a clearly defined geographical area of analysis, called the “Security Level Area”.

I am pleased to inform you that information on the second theme, “Individual awareness”, is available on the SAFE UN portal, accessible through the website of the Security and Safety Service Vienna unsss. What online security training course do I need to complete?

I need to prove that I have a security clearance, but I have not received an email notification? This is as good as an approved security clearance.

Summary of Basic Security in the Field (BSITF II) – Old version

The Security and Safety Service Vienna is looking forward to receiving your feedback. What other information can the SLS provide? Learning objectives By the end of the course, you will learn how to: How will sbitf actions related to security decisions, as well as security-related entitlements, be determined once the Security Phase is abolished?

Security clearance is essential so that the Organisation knows where you are in the event of unforseen events that may endanger you or eligible family members traveling with you.

Basiic the “Profile Type” field is mandatory, this field must not be left empty in order to proceed to the next step of the Security Clearance request. First, the determination of a Security Level is more objective, fact-based and globally comparable. Enter your accommodation details Please note: How will the notification be sent?


Begin filling out your travel information. Comments and questions can be addressed to agora unicef.

Structure The course is divided into seven modules. A new window will appear for you to add your travel segment. There are two significant differences. Take appropriate precautionary and preparative actions Apply practical techniques to manage risks and deal with difficult circumstances Make zecurity assessments in dangerous situations React appropriately in the event of actual danger, threat, or secyrity Comprehend your psychological reaction to security incidents and know where to obtain help Audience This course is suitable to all staff of any level of seniority, in particular new staff who are joining the UN system for the first time.

The course has been produced through newer authoring tool to improve module’s functionalities. This course is suitable to all staff of any level of seniority, in particular new staff who are joining the UN system for the first time.

Notifications are emailed to the person who submitted the security clearance request and ALL travellers in the itinerary.

The DO approves Security Levels 1 to 5. Existing entitlements connected to these security actions remain as they are now, unless further amended through the inter-agency system. Each level has a specific name as follows:.

Advanced e-course UN system activity.