BADFELLAS is the fourth book by Tonino Benacquista to be translated into English and all four have been published by Bitter Lemon Press. Malavita has ratings and reviews. Jim said: An unusual story: basically an American Mafia family story set in France in a small rural town in N. Violent, pacy and saturated with black humour, Benacquista’s story explores what Badfellas. Front Cover. Tonino Benacquista. Bitter Lemon Press,

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Tonino Benacquista

Not that I’m running down the ‘normal stuff’, much of it can be pretty good, to both see or read. Minu arvamuse leiab blogist https: Not Italy — his first and preferred choice — but France.

Benaquista’s characters are well drawn.

This book is a quick, fun read on the order of Carl Hiassim and has been made into a movie called “The Family” starring Robert DeNiro ho else now that Jame Gandofini is dead?

A guy insists on driving her home, but takes a completely different route that ends up at the other side of town. Or so it seems. Badfellas published in the US under its original Badfe,las title, Malavita — another name for the Mafia, as well as the name of the family dog has an entertaining premise: He had dropped the criminal side of Mafia bencaquista and had just retained their way of getting things benacquksta.

Imagine The Sopranos transplanted to the French countryside…. Steaming, boiled vegetables, grilled fish, fizzy water.

Badfellas (Malavita) – Tonino Benacquista

A two million dollar bounty is put on Fred’s head and so, the family soon find themselves unsafe in the States. Other books in the series.

It had a lot of potential, but it felt a little slow and scattered. Funny, fast read and very amusing. He’s on the football team and is keen on her And, despite all their bwdfellas, a few wrong and too familiar words and a round-the-world series of small actions and coincidences leads the Mob straight to them.


They have taken a few liberties with the story, but I am pleased benacquistx say that the opening sequence was pretty much exactly as described here. Fred is actually Mafi Cholong-sur-Avre in Normandy is the setting of this rather unconventional and darkly humorous tale. But I couldn’t put it down, and there are some hilarious sequences. We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure. Le point, il savait, la virgule, il savait, mais le point-virgule?

No trivia or quizzes yet. With a twenty million dollar bounty on his head, even the witness protection program was hard-pressed to offer adequate protection for him and his family — so eventually they figured the only safe place to stow brnacquista away was in Europe. Ich kann das Buch allen Lesern empfehlen, die Freude an schwarzem Humor und einer spannenden Geschichte haben. Beaucoup d’humour et une excellente histoire. I might have labeled it more of a “dark comedy” — there’s no central mystery plotline, very little crime and it’s really more of a look at the lives and fortunes of this Witness-Protected family while in exile and at times the people guarding them.

So, a fun read, but what saved the novel for me is the well-developed portrayal of the individual characters of the four members of the family.

The end was exciting, but it didn’t quite feel like it was worth it. This piece of Benacquista noir succeeds so well due to him getting that balance of black humour and vicious crime so right. The story deteriorates into a Keystone Cops type plot as the main character and the FBI guys go through town killing the would-be assassins. Fred had dreaded hearing what he then heard as as the man set eyes on the pipes: However, and I hate to say it, but I actually enjoyed the movie so much more. Everyone thinks her name is ridiculous, but also very descriptive.


Review – Badfellas by Tonino Benacquista

Its an easy read and a good one when on holiday. It has been nominated for this year’s International Dagger Award, and at the award’s website, the judges have noted that “Crime fiction that makes you chuckle is rare and this is an exceptional example of the species.

All of they have to do is lay low, pretend to be a normal family and get on with their lives. However, As much as I liked this book, I did have a couple of niggling and minor issues with it. But the story is still quite unusual and all the more pleasurable for it, especially as it’s made in France with a lot badfeolas French I saw the film. The family has just arrived in the sleepy little French village.

And how is that Fred’s nephew in the US is allowed to get a call from France when the family is virtually in lockdown? For example when the plumber comes to assess the Blakes’ faulty water supply: But I couldn’t put it down, an An entertaining story about a former Mob family that relocates to a small town in France. View all 12 comments.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. There was a little too much sentimentality and not as much rationality as I imagine the Mafia to have.