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See also the internal block diagram at the end of this chapter. Spindle Motor Test To reduce this time, the recorder has been equipped with Diagnostic and Service software DS. Table Table of derived supply voltages.

Remove the fan assy, by releasing the four side clamps [1] while moving it upwards. This action is signalised by the internal engine controller and reported to the application.

BAFM PDF डेटा पत्रक – CD player for 4ch BTL driver

Both of these interfaces provide access to 32 8-bit registers for control and status. It also has to take care that the spot accesses a required position as fast as possible.


Datasehet gain in both channels is separately programmable. The SAA has two independent microcontroller interfaces.

(PDF) BA5938FM Datasheet download

The application can react on this with a shock recovery procedure. Please refer to the service manual of the set for the nucleus overview of Digital Board Chrysalis. It EN 42 9. A ‘lightning stroke’ and a stripe-marked printing on the printed wiring board, ba5938fn the primary side of the power supply.

BA5938FM Datasheet PDF

Datasheeet Error Log 2. Power Diagram 5 29 Servo Board PWB or ‘mono board’. This is the number of the diagnostic nucleus used for this test. Be careful during measurements in the live voltage section. Command Overview We provide an overview of the nuclei and their numbers.

Disconnect the four flex foils from the PWB connectors,and at the component side. It also adjusts offsets, signal amplitudes, and loop gains AGCsto enlarge system robustness and to avoid expensive potentiometer adjustments in production.

The motor, fan, and servo drivers use the 12 V. Alignments No alignments datasneet 9. Always place something soft a towel or foam cushion under it. At the same time, address information is stored in this wobbled groove by locally inverting the sign of the wobbled waveform.


Digital Board Chrysalis always starts with Command Interface. Processor Diagram 1 25 Servo Board Driver Diagram 3 34 Servo Board Detailed diagnostics and fault finding is possible via ComPair.

Service personnel must take precautions to prevent touching this area or components in this area. Set the mains switch to the ‘on’ position keep the mains cord unplugged! There is a solution to this: Only the factory can do this properly. Firmware OPU flex Text below is placed inside the unit, on the laser cover shield: We are well known for our great prices, great selection, and as the leading online source for hard-to-find and hard-to-buy electronic component parts.

In order to let the sledge move even faster the ratio of the gearing can be reduced. Driver Diagram 3 20 Servo Board It corrects asymmetry, performs noise filtering and equalisation, and finally recovers the bit clock and data from the channel using a digital PLL. Loader fan, clamp, and tray assy.