Reviewer: Joël Chevassus Financial Interests: click here. Source: Esoteric K, Apple iMac Lion OSX, Squeezebox Touch + Welborne Labs PSU, Audio GD Ref . Aurender S10 Reviewers’ Choice If you aren’t familiar with the SoundStage! Network’s The World’s Best Audio System events, each is an. The Aurender S10 is a Linux based digital transport from Widealab Inc of Korea, in essence it’s a computer that is dedicated to delivering a PCM bitstream.

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Play Previous Press once to skip to the previous track. Soulution — a Swiss amp goes for a Highland fling. As I’ve mentioned before, I prefer Album view for browsing my music.

Listening audender the Aurender S10 Do music server’s have a sound? Remember when digitally reproduced strings sounded like fingernails on a blackboard? The manual is pretty decent, too — it explains, clearly and simply, what you must do to get the iPad and S10 to shake hands, as well as how to use the Aurender app. The overall experience was a bit like listening to a new — and better — album.

Use buttons 4 and 5 to scroll between playlists and button 2 to select a playlist.

This quality plays out in a number of ways including exceptional low level detail retrieval, great dynamic liveliness, coupled with a rock solid sound image. Part I — British Hi-fi.

SoundStage! Hi-Fi | – Aurender S10 Music Server

While 2TBs seems like a goodly amount of space, I know plenty of people who require more. OCXOs are orders of magnitude more accurate and aurnder than commonly used ordinary crystal oscillators. Aurender S10 Music Server.


As do network players and plain old computers. Enjoy more than 25 million full resolution lossless music tracks with the world’s best sounding Music Server. If a selected song or album is already cached to the solid-state aufender, the hard drive will remain asleep.

Aurender S10

The big question strikes me as simply being—does the S10’s sonic performance warrant its admittedly hefty price tag? Since the S10 made Seventeenth Century Music and Dance sound so good, I had to refresh my memory of how it sounded through my Auraliti. Want the latest issue of Hi-Fi News? You hook them up to an audio system as you would a CD player.

The S10 uses both switch-mode and linear power supplies, as appropriate. Full of convenient and easy-to-use features that put music collections at the control of your fingers, the Aurender App enables even the aurenxer music collections to be easily viewed, managed and played at the press of a button.

Next up came my Macbook Pro outfitted with Amarra 2. The operation was as easy as copying files from one directory to another on the computer — a basic skill. From there you search for the desired tune and add it to a playlist where the track is lined up for playback. Although the company had two different displays, neither was ideal for listening or instant evaluation. Optional dongle available for Constellation pre-amplifiers to control volume and source selection through the Aurender App.

  BS EN ISO 5456-2 PDF

Aurender S10 Music Playback and Storage Solution | AudioStream

Aurender iPad App The Aurender iPad App is the culmination of years of collaboration with Aurender owners and industry partners in order to better satisfy user needs.

By caching songs to the solid-state drive for playback, jitter and noise resulting from spinning disks, moving heads and motors are also completely eliminated.

Tips for getting the most from Roon Software. There are a number aurrnder other features, too many to go into here, but if you’re interested in learning more check out the S10 Online Manual.

The drive manufacturer will only replace faulty drives under warranty and do not compensate to any loss of data. The image deepened, too. That taken care of, I found that all music sounded better through the Aurender S10 and it did so without question. Hark ye back to the California Audio Show in the half-forsaken Burlingame something or other.

The other thing that became more and more apparent with longer listening is there was not even a hint of glare or digital edginess to be heard even on less than stellar recordings. The S10 made this album far more enjoyable than before — which to me is, in a nutshell, the whole reason for the existence of high-end audio.