Arte Internacional Brasileira by Tadeu Chiarelli, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Novissima arte brasileira: um guia de tendencias. Sao Paulo: Iluminuras, Chiarelli, Tadeu. Arte internacional brasileira. Sao Paulo: Lemos Editorial. Chiarelli, Tadeu. Arte Internacional Brasileira. São Paulo: Lemos. Cicero, Marcus Tullius. [44 BCE] On Duties, edited by M. T. Griffin and E. M. Atkins .

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Deyson Gilbert

The model Gianne Albertoni is a part of the series that is featured in the permanent collection of museums in Europe and South America. During the s, he befriended the Italian artist cgiarelli philosopher Joseph Pacefounder in Paris of Filtranisme, a neo-existential philosophical and artistic current, joining, inthe enlarged “filtranistes” group.

After Monet, Matisse, Pollock, Ad Reinhardt, Tapies, after all the trajectory of modern painting, only after it and all its possibilities, apparently exhausted and also after all the history of painting it became possible for an artist to reconstruct her way within this language, assuming a conductive line towards confluence problematic, we must say of those two antagonistic tendencies.

Retrieved from ” https: Joseph Pace Filtranisme,p.

The color takes us back to a Monet fascinated by tropical colors, while the thick layers of paint allude to a brutal painting suddenly revived. Monet, Vuillard, Bonnard, Matisse, Mondrian, Ad Reinhard, Guignard, Volpi, Barsotti, among others, understood that pictorial language, through the emphasis of its own elements, was still capable of seducing and transcending.


Multimediaphotographyelectrophotography. Duarte focuses his personal expression interpreting freely sacred and profane themes. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Contemporary artBioArt.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Thus, on the one hand he brought Brazilian painting up to the standard of the great international art of the time, and on the other hand, contrary to his colleagues, he was undeniably not concerned about captivating the spectator through the seducing potentialities of the painting which absolutely does not disqualify him, but only removes him from one tendency and puts him into another.

Cloning – Twins Due to the military dictatorship in Brazil, in he moved to London where he worked as assistant to Rex Features International Photographic Press Agency. Her work seems to be walking on a tightrope, establishing a precarious concomitance between those two tendencies which are so exclusive.

Often the process of seducing the spectator by the eye, which painting used to have, has also faded.

Re-reading of The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife Modern painting, yearning to clarify its constituent elements the plane, the line, the color, the gesture, the matteras a way to position itself before the world, has often abdicated the function attributed to it for centuries: Due to a leak in the roof of his artist studio at Spring Street during taddu summer storm in the late s, much of his work was destroyed; it is rare to find analog works before this period. To his portraits he sewed strands of hair of the models to allow them a future cloning.


That would be like emptying, or neutralizing all the tension of the painting that preceded it, transforming her production into a kind of subproduct of the Kitsch unfortunately so easy to find in the art circuit, especially after the past decade.

Self-taught, he lives and works in Sao Paulo. Views Read Edit View history.

Deyson Gilbert – PIPA Prize

Duarte is inspired by the surrealist tradition and the originality of his work resides in the fantastic colors and in the richness of details that he uses. This page was last edited on 1 Decemberat At first sight, her painting seems to present us with a disturbance: Sergio Valle Duarte born Tadfu 26,also known as Sergio Duarte, is a Brazilian multimedia artist and fine-art photographer. In other internaciional Wikimedia Commons. He authenticates his works with a thumbprint.

As if conscious of the danger of pure evasion that the profuse colors might foist on her work, the artist seems to reveal the creative mechanisms of each area of color, preventing arcquitecture of the shapes managed by the subjective and original chiraelli of the colors to transform themselves into mere artifice.

But of course even submerged under the surface of the represented world, they were there sustaining, structuring those illusions.